Xekera Systems Inc.:
Xekera Systems Inc is an electronic design and development company having vast expertise from inventing R&D solutions to their automation, orthodontics, health is a result of working with the best. In the last 2 decades with the Silicon Valley tech leaders including Intel, Apple, Qualcomm, AMD, Sun Microsystems, and HP, have helped Xekera Systems develop expert systems and protocols to bring efficiencies in project delivery for valuable clients.

Let’s see Xekera Systems Product and Services

Xekera Systems Product:
Xekera Systems Inc offers a vast array of products some of which are as follows:

Have a look at some details about products and services


Xekera Systems Services:
The key services of Xekera Systems Inc are:

  • Electronic Design and Development.
  • Software Solutions
    • Microsoft Cloud Solutions
      • AZURE Consulting
      • TEAMS Consulting
      • OFFICE 365 Services
    • Firmware Development
    • Software Design and Development
  • Test and Compliance
    • EMC Testing
    • FCC Certification
    • Wireless Testing
    • Product Safety
    • Environmental Testing
    • Consulting Services
    • Global Approval
  • Repair Services
  • Lab Rework Services
  • PCB Fabrication

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