What is PCB? A Complete Guide to PCB Layout and Design Services

PCB- Printed Circuit Board is the backbone of all electrical equipment. Today, we are surrounded by digital media, and people are using it without even understanding how it works. Various industries have been making extensive use of PCB design services to develop a wide range of electrical equipment to make our lives easier.


For example, the most important thing we use every day in our lives is electricity. Modern lamps break down incandescent lamps with the help of a metal core PCB board that provides low heat. Many manufacturers use aluminum PCBs to transfer heat. New technologies mean that if the demand for LEDs increases, PCBs will likely continue to play a significant role in the electricity industry.

Any industry that needs electrical equipment will need the resources to design a circuit board, and design the PCB design effectively for circuit boards to operate reliably. Have you ever wondered what a PCB is and how PCB designers customize the design?

There should be many more questions running through your mind right now. Stick to the article for more in-depth information about PCB design.

What is PCB?

Everyone would notice a green board on all electrical devices; yes, that’s exactly what the PCB is — a well-designed and well-constructed board with electrical components that are directly connected to form a series of circuits. Producing a blank green board is not possible without a PCB design coordinator. It is a flat, solid material with geometric patterns such as circles, squares, rectangles and small structures on one side. Adding multiple layers makes the PCB compact and easy to design.

In general, PCB board design services can be an important task. However, the key to improving apt design is to build a project plan. According to research, the global market for blank PCBs is estimated to reach $ 79 billion by 2024.

Going forward, there are many components, processes, and materials used in the design and production of PCB board. Before digging each, let’s understand PCB applications.

PCB applications to Modern Society

As the picture above shows, PCB is used in almost every continuous developing industry. From kitchen appliances to smart gadgets, PCBs are the heart of every electrical appliance today. Just as if the electronics industry wants to introduce a new device, PCB design is required. With multiple functions, the PCB serves as an example for many sectors as below.

Consumer electronics

Smartphones and laptops have become a part of our lives. The smart and smooth design we use requires high-volume PCBs to function properly. Custom PCB costs are low per unit, which keeps the cost of the whole process feasible.

Automotive Equipment

These days cars are evolving with new technologies and relying on electronic devices. With the advent of technology installed in automobiles, high-performance PCBs have increased, providing advanced driving information to customers. Control systems, roaming devices, media controls are some of the common applications that work with the help of PCBs.

“Due to growing concerns about global gas emissions and the use of fuel in vehicles, the government has taken steps to prevent the production of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and Battery electric vehicles (BEV) which will do less; has boosted the market growth for PCBs vehicles. ”

The growing demand for HEV and BEV vehicles is expected to register for a CAGR of about 6% by 2025.

Security apps

We have become so accustomed to handling our electronic devices carefully, so why not watch our lives? With the help of PCB applications, safety devices such as burglar alarms, fire alarms, motion sensors, door locks, etc., are designed for electronic design and manufacturing companies for our safety.

There are many other industries that use PCBs for their products, but I believe these industries listed above have a high demand for PCB design services. PCB solutions are needed worldwide. To understand the process involved in the construction of PCBs and building materials, read on.

All of the above applications when connected to the internet provide automated services in many industries. Learn how these embedded wireless devices help different industries.

What is the process for PCB Design Services?

If you are planning to launch a product, you need to understand how PCB works and what the PCB design process is. We have compiled the process required to design a functional PCB to obtain a hardware product certification.

Step 1: Create a scheme

Creating a project scheme is about designing a new device. It should consist of design components, how they are connected, and the relationships between the different components in a single system.

Each scheme is built into a CAD system to design a PCB, which represents precise anchors that can be calculated to maintain material debts.

Step 2: Create a PCB structure with a program drawing

Creating a scheme may be easy, but converting a scheme into a board structure is easy. A good PCB architecture designer will work on platforms such as Allegro, Altium, and Orcad to demonstrate how your board will work in line with the component space.

The scheme scanner tool, as mentioned above, can help import components into a PCB structure. The design of the program requires shape, size, and layer to be compact at first, but if you are unsure about it, do not be upset; that can be changed later. Once the scheme is done, the PCB engineering role comes to the picture where they can start building the PCB by analyzing the material and seeing the performance of the device.

Step 3: PCB stack

The growing demand for glossy and intelligent electrical products requires more precise PCB layers. Stack up has become popular for preventing problems. If you are new to the PCB design process, the modern design of the PCB starts with the FR4 element, two to sixteen or more layers of layer board used to compile a library that can help you understand different laminates and different materials.

Step 4: Rules and requirements

The number of PCB rules is unlimited, the PCB designer should not apply it all to the design structure. They can choose rules based on the device that needs to be done. This step includes IPC Component Footprint standards and PCB Fabrications which are standard requirements for PCBs and electrical equipment production.

Step 5: Placement of Parts

A few of the mentioned software will help to integrate the components created in the PCB system design. There may be some controversy as to which parts can be placed next to each other as a few can create electrical noise in the circuit. The parts are usually arranged in the following order:

First, fixed components such as connectors, switches, and hardware components are installed.

Key components such as memory chips, power supplies, and microprocessors.

Supporting components are also associated with memory chips and microprocessors.

The remaining parts may not support critical components but are equally important for the operation of the circuit board, such as decoupling capacitors and termination resistors.

Step 6: Vias and Drill holes (PTH and NPTH)

BottleB manufacturing PCB excavation process. It is the basis of connection and vias between multiple layers. The size of these holes should generally be 0.25mm wide, and the mounting of these holes may have two sides.

Step 7: Route (Move Tracks)

After each section is in place, the next step is a route. These are the remnants that become metal parts inside and on the circuit board during manufacture. Make sure you use good route guides with the help of software, and make the process easier, use color codes and highlight the nets.

Step 8: Silk screen and marking

Once the circuit board structure is ready with all of the above processes, it is time to add labels and identifiers to the board. It is recommended to use the reference identifiers for easy assistance while integrating. If there is any confusion, the designer can contact the device manufacturer for any specific readable logo and image fonts.

Now it’s time to hand over the file containing the printed format or the production circuit board.

What materials are used in production?

FR4 is used to produce PCBs. FR4 is a glass fiber epoxy laminate for multi-layer PCB design process. FRB PCB boards are durable and waterproof. It also provides good communication and minimal distraction. The FR4 value can work at a few MHz to GHz frequencies. At high RF and Microwave frequencies many manufacturers choose Roger PCB materials. Based on the application and the required temperature we need to select the right items.

Now that you know how PCBs are designed, let’s get you to the different types of PCB building materials available on the market.

Note that the PCB design process is always the same for any type of PCB service you use.

Types of PCB Services

PCBs are classified into many types according to industry requirements, processes, product design details. More sophisticated designs pave the way for different types of PCB service boards. And the cost of PCB design services will depend on what type of layer is used.

Before taking a PCB, consider a few factors such as the required space, pressure management, and mechanical and electrical stability.

Let’s study in detail the types of PCB structure services.

1. Single-sided PCBs

One-sided copper layer extended over the substrate. It is the beginning of any PCB planning services technology and still plays an important role in any electrical product in the industry.

The electrical components are placed on one side and the carved circuit is visible on the other side of the board. These types of boards take up a lot of space as they only work and cannot be overlapped. One layer is cheaper than any other type of PCB and a good selection of low density designs.

The beauty of Single Sided PCBs

  • Easy to design
  • Easy to fix
  • Cost effective
  • Preferred compact products such as cameras, counters, printers, etc.

2. PCBs have two sides

A thin layer of drive material is added on both sides of the PCB of the double layer. Holes in the circuit board allow parts to connect. By using hole technology to install lead parts it is easier with soldered pads on both sides.

The mounting technology involves the precise placement of the PCB structure design components. A two-dimensional PCB is used for many applications such as power monitoring, HVAC system, UPS systems, lighting systems, car dashboards, sales equipment, etc.

The beauty of Double Sided Custom PCBs

  • Integrated circuit design
  • More flexibility
  • Low cost
  • More congestion
  • Suitable for advanced electrical applications

3. PCBs have many sides

Multilayer PCB has more than two layers of copper, so any more complex application will require at least three layers of operation. There are many double-sided sheets divided into several layers.

All of these sheets and parts are then sold and laminated at high temperatures to ensure that there are no gaps to prevent the instability of the final PCB. A few examples of multi-layer PCBs X-ray equipment, GPS technology, weather analysis devices, etc.

Advantages of Multilayer PCB Design & Layout Services

  • Small in size
  • Solid design
  • High level of flexibility
  • Suitable for high-speed circuits

4. Stable PCBs

As the name suggests, solid PCBs are those that do not change or can wrap. The substrate is very strong and holds the strength of the board parts. There are many layers including substrate, copper, solder mask, silk screen, which are bonded together with heat to keep it strong and durable.

Solid PCBs are used in computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, CAT scanners, MRI systems, temperature sensors, etc.

Benefits of Rigid PCB Design Solutions

  • Small in size
  • Cost effective
  • Not heavy
  • Low noise
  • Easy to fix
  • It absorbs vibrations

5. Flex PCBs

Recently, PCB design companies have adopted a new type of PCB design called Flex PCBs. Flex PCB is very different from Rigid PCB, a flexible substrate with many printed circuits. The flexible PCB is made of polyether, ether and ketone, a transparent conductive polyester film that uses the same components as solid printed circuit boards.

There are many names in this custom PCB design service such as Flex circuit board, flexible PCBs, flexible circuits, and various printed circuits. Some of the systems that use flexible PCB automotive industry, cell phones, sophisticated electronics, LCD manufacturing, etc.

Advantage of Flex Regional Board Design Services Design Services

  • Saving space
  • Heat management
  • He is faithful
  • Remove the connectors
  • Matching is a high-speed circuit
  • Suitable for high signal density applications

6. Rigid-Flex PCBs

Solid PCB is a composite PCB that combines both hard and flexible printed circuits. This results in a flexible and flexible board that stays in place during the production process.

The flexible part is often used to connect to solid boards that allow conductor lines to take up less space. These boards are a bit more complex to design as they are designed with 3D technology allowing the board to fold and twist as needed. Such boards are commonly used in industries such as medicine, aerospace, and consumer camps.

Advantages of Rigid- Flex PCB Design and Design Services

  • 360-degree flexibility
  • Need for reduced space
  • Resistance to shock
  • Not heavy
  • He is faithful
  • Simple PCB assembly process

Best PCB Board Design Tips

As we all know, our lives revolve around PCBs in the form of electrical appliances, household appliances, smart gadgets, etc. we need to know how important the design should be in order for the device to work properly.

Below are a few tips that can help a novice printed circuit board designer to create the perfect design.

Partial placement

The placement of each part is an art, and good preparation is deliberately needed for it to work effectively. The installation process for each component is therefore challenging, it is recommended that you keep the guidelines in mind when designing a PCB structure.

Segment spaces

Understanding the space between each component is important. The more parts on the board, the more performance that would be supported on a single device. It is a challenge for the designer to maintain proper spaces between the sections of the cable car, and to prevent overheating of the board.


With well-placed parts and the right amount of space, it is time to move the power and follow the signals to make the journey more accessible. If your board forces you to find a horizontal trail, then the trail follows straight to the other side exactly with the image below.

Prevent heat problems

Heat resistance is always a problem for PCBs. There are many ways to solve heat problems, such as spreading enough space between each part instead of joining them in one layer and the other. Another way to add extra copper to the surface mount parts. Also, we need to distribute the load across the PCB to better heat control.

Test Points and their location

This can help solve many design problems during testing. The setting of test scores should be accurate and accessible. If test scores are not met, testing will be difficult. Access to effective test points can solve all test problems.

Are You Designing a New Product and Need a PCB Design Services?

We have skilled designers with years of experience in hardware engineering services who can provide you with custom PCB designing. Xekera Systems has the best team of embedded software engineers to hire who can work on your project and deliver high-quality design. Our experts use different technologies like Rigid (2 layer to 12 layer), HDI (Blind-burried vias), Flex- Flex rigid for various applications like consumer electronics, IoT, RF product, Medical and Automotive. Along with these our team works on Altium and Cadence Allegro software to design your PCB and ensure guaranteed solutions that you can be proud of.

Summing up: Printed Circuit Board Design

Did you like reading the post?

We hope that the above information has given you everything that you were searching for. The PCB design services are highly customizable that enables it to produce complex and simple circuit functions. By following the process with a well-designed stack-up can result in an effective printed circuit board with multiple layers.

After all the factors mentioned above are taken into consideration, the manufacturing process starts. After the PCB is ready, product engineering services can help in testing the final product to ensure that the new device is ready to launch in the market. Reach out to us if you need more information on the circuit board design services, its cost and certifications.

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