Xekera can start by building complete testing programs and detailed testing methods.

Hardware Testing Services

Our hardware testing services help product development companies to validate their products prior to deployment and assess the performance of every product they introduce in the market.

We provide services that span the entire design process: Ideation,  Proof-of-Concept  Design,  Optimization,  Prototyping,  EVT/DVT,  DFM/A,  Scale to Manufacturing.

Our streamlined design process delivers your solutions in the shortest possible time. We can marshal your design from Proof-of-Concept all the way to Manufacturing.

We provide robust, rapid, full-service electrical, mechanical, software and firmware solutions to our Clients for digital data acquisition, management, security and storage. 

We bring the lean start-up approach to innovation in companies of all sizes!

Hardware Testing Procedure

Functionality Testing

The general purpose of computer hardware testing is to determine whether a product is operating in the expected and written manner, usually in technical or operational specifications.

Compatibility Testing

Retailers often refer to compliance testing as compliance testing - any term means making sure your product works well with other products in the "real world" when released.

Performance Testing

It ensures that your product operates fairly in the market where you release your product. No one wants to wait for a product or feel lazy.

Usability Testing

It is designed to provide an independent product analysis of how easy or difficult it is to use. This may include documentation, packaging, and use of the product. In addition, the range of different levels of user information can be explored.

Automation Testing

It allows you to perform repeat tests quickly and easily by labeling your product with one of the various industry tools.

Competitive Testing

Compare your product with similar products already in the market. These could be products you have previously released or competing products, so you can highlight your benefits - whether performance or usability.

Hardware Testing Method

Are you preparing to launch a new computer product? Xekera Systems can use the performance of your product throughout the development cycle – alpha, beta and / or key development stages. Xekera can start by building complete testing programs and detailed testing methods or you can provide us with a specific testing program that we will use on your behalf.









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