How To Create An App From Scratch? Step By Step Guide

Researching how to build an app from scratch but not sure what you really need and how you can implement this idea? Well! No need to worry. I wrote this blog to solve this dilemma. There’s an app for everything from business, fitness, lifestyle and entertainment to utility, productivity, education and management. Simply put, you can create any app you can think of. How to build an app from scratch […]

iOS Vs Android: Which Is Better For App Development?

In today’s fast-growing technology world, it’s critical for businesses to choose the right technology platform to support rapid growth. Digitized companies will dominate their respective industries in his decade from 2021 to 2030!Furthermore, this is why demand for his iOS surges more than his Android developers. is. In particular, companies should consider having a sufficient technical background to compete in the market. You have to think not only from their point of view, but also from your customer’s point of view. Above all, you should consider […]

Is The App Development Market For Kids Getting Bigger?

A quick question! Is Angry Bird an app for kids? If so, why do so many adults play it too? And YouTube? Lots of kids use this points her 7 year old playing Clash of Clans. Also, both 2 and 14 year old’s are playing Taco Life. Well, certain games don’t fit that demographic. And isn’t the new generation getting smarter and smarter? Especially when it comes to cell phone use? Did you know? The kids app development market is getting bigger and bigger. […]