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6 Best Website Designs to Inspire Your Site for 2022

64% of people want to see a website that catches their attention.

88% of people are less likely to return to the website after a bad experience.

89% of people buy with a competitor after a bad vision.

Responsive Website

So, what does this mean for your website? If you do not have a website that works and is good for you, you are losing customers in your competition.

However, it can be challenging to find a way to design your website. That is why it is so beneficial to look at a list of the best website designs to help promote your website!

Keep reading to find some of the top website designs on the web and learn what you can take from them to build the best website for your business!

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Best website designs to inspire your 2022 design

If you want to sell more products and get new customers, you need the website design you bring.

On this page, we will list six excellent examples of website design that are included.

  • Warby Parker
  • Box Lunch
  • Yeti
  • Dunkin’
  • Apple
  • Coca-Cola

1. Warby Parker

One of the top web designs from Warby Parker. This eyeglass company sells fashion lenses that allow consumers to “try before you buy” to find the right frames for your look.

warby parker website
Warby Parker

Warby Parker makes excellent use of white space throughout their area. As you scroll and browse their products, you can easily read and view everything on their website. There is nothing crowded together or challenging to learn.

Why Warby Parker is one of the best website builders

They use whitespace. When designing your website, you need to use a white space. If you try to clutter the images, videos, and text across an inch of space on your website, you will create a challenging impression on your audience – they will find it difficult to browse your website.

Whitespace will help you create a clean website that brings a positive user experience, which will result in more engagement for your business.

2. Box Lunch

If you are an ecommerce store looking for inspiration for your payment process, open to Box Lunch. Box Lunch is a pop culture website that offers sales related to your favorite movies, TV shows, and more.

box lunch website
Box Lunch

So, what makes Box Lunch one of the best website designs? However, they use a simple and easy payment process to buy products.

When you add items to your shopping bag, you can hover over your wallet to see what items you have added, how much they cost, and the amount you spend. It does not require users to click on their cart to view what they have added, making the purchase process easier.

Hover Checkout Box Lunch
Hover Checkout Box Lunch

Additionally, when you go to check, you can see if the item is still in stock as you will check. You will also see details of the estimated shipping rate, which can help you decide if you want to buy an item.

Box Lunch built their own exit thinking process for the user. They provide consumers with the information they need in advance to have a smooth payment process.

Why Box Lunch is one of the best website designs

They provide an efficient and straightforward payment process. When you create your exit process, you want to make it easier for consumers to buy your products. That means providing pre-shipping rates, providing “guest exit” options, and providing multiple payment options.

If you make the payment process smooth and easy to do, buyers are more likely to complete their orders.

3. Yeti

If you want inspiration for web design, check out Yeti. Yeti is a symbol that creates things like travel cups, coolers, and outdoor living things. This product focuses on the environment and creating products that people can use while spending time outdoors.

yeti website photos xekera systems
Yeti website photos

Yeti incorporates iconic images throughout their website, which helps people understand their outward beauty. They continuously include these types of images throughout their website, from their homepage to their product pages.

Why Yeti is one of the best website designs

They create a beauty that is focused on the product. When designing your business website, you need to choose the best ones to showcase your product. The quality of your product can vary across the board, from external crime to sophisticated comfort.

The important part is that you incorporate elements that help to highlight that beauty throughout your website. You can use photos, videos, and design features to help you reach that goal.

4. Dunkin ’

The best website design is not just design. While visual features play an important role in attracting and engaging users, the information on your website is equally important. That is why Dunkin ‘is next in our list of the best website design for 2022.

dunkin information website
Dunkin information website

When you visit Dunkin’s website, they have a short and informative copy that tells users how their profit system works. They also provide a dotted list of information in their Dunkin ‘app.

dunkin website
Dunkin Website

This copy is informative, concise, and tells users what they need to know.

Why Dunkin ‘is one of the leading website designs

They make a durable copy. Sharing information on your website is important in ensuring the chances of buying your products or using your services. How you present that information is important, too, because your audience needs to understand you.

When you create content for your website, write in a way that will be easily digested by your audience. Keep is short, informative, and helpful.

5. Apple

The following is our list of the best Apple website designs. Apple is known for its sleek, technology-focused design that attracts visitors.

Apple Website design
Apple Website

One of the most notable features of Apple’s design is consistency. Whether you’re on their homepage, looking at a product page, or reading about a company, you’ll see the same soft design everywhere.

apple watch product page
Apple Watch Products Page

Why Apple is one of the best website designs

They use a consistent design. An important part of web design is consistency. You want people to feel like they are on the same website as they look at different product pages. By incorporating a consistent design, you will create a cohesive feel for your audience.

6. Coca-Cola

Next on our list of top website designs is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola has an old, brand new website that shows off its outstanding red and white color scheme.

Most notably, Coca-Cola uses a design sceme to make the action call buttons (CTA) stand out on the page. As you scroll through their pages, you can see bright red buttons inviting users to take action.

Coca-Cola-Website Design
Coca-Cola-Website Design

Why Coca-Cola is one of the best website designs

They use the CTAs off the page. If you want someone to take action on your website, you have to make sure you know how to take those steps. With a prominent CTA button, you tell your audience how to take the next step and get closer to conversion.

Need help creating the best website design for your website?

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