“As a result of using ML techniques, like active learning, pre-labeling, and machine validation, annotation AI is able to improve output dataset quality while decreasing labeling costs.”


AI-powered data labeling solution

Our team comprises of data experts that have developed AI-based strategies for managing and distributing data for years. Book a time that works for you and let us offer assistance to create a custom course of action for your AI data labeling needs.

We provide services that span the entire design process: Ideation,  Proof-of-Concept  Design,  Optimization,  Prototyping,  EVT/DVT,  DFM/A, and Scale to Manufacturing.

Our streamlined design process delivers your solutions in the shortest possible time. We can marshal your design from Proof-of-Concept all the way to Manufacturing.

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We bring the lean start-up approach to innovation in companies of all sizes!



Types of annotations supported

Classification of images

Organize videos and images by category. Aids in the classification of videos and images

Classification of text

Predefined categories for documents and pieces of text.

Tracking video objects

Add annotations to video frames across multiple frames.

Transcribing speech to text

Audio and video recordings can be transcribed into text.

Dedicated team of experts

Xekera’s ML-driven labeling solution is created by a workforce of ML experts who can help you meet your regulatory compliance and data security needs. For example, if there is a need for people proficient in labeling audio files, it can be specified during pre-sales engagement and the right team would be deployed to your task.









An end-to-end solution for data labeling

Through our solution, Xekera makes it easy to collect high-quality training datasets without having to build labeling applications or manage labeling workforces. Using our solution, you can integrate your data sources and receive annotated datasets of high quality.

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