“The quality grade of our PCB fabrications conforms to IPC 2, while our assembled PCBs conform to IPC 3 grade.”

Product Design Services

As part of our entire in-house design team, our product design engineers work closely with our electronics design engineers, industrial designers, and mechanical engineers.

Products designed by us include

  • Detailed requirements for documents.
  • Develop high-level partitioning and block diagrams.
  • Identification and standardization of key interfaces, data formats, and database structures.
  • Assess the 3rd party IP options.
  • Firmware design and development.
  • Defining the embedded systems architecture.
  • Design of analog, digital, optical, and RF systems.
  • WiFi, Bluetooth®, GPS, Cellular, RFID, and ZigBee® are among the wireless systems available.
  • Custom BUCK/BOOST, battery management, and solar power management
  • Designing electronic circuits and capturing schematics
  • Design for high battery life using AC/DC and DC/DC.
  • Design of a board with: mixed signal, high speed and high layer counts (Allegro®, Altium®, PADS®).
  • DFM/DFT (Design for Manufacturability/Testability).
  • Safety, EMC, and EMI design for standards compliance.
  • Architecture of software systems.
  • Real-time embedded control.
  • DSP, USB, I2C, Ethernet, EEPROM, FLASH, ADC, and DAC driver development for platforms and devices.
  • Developing applications for Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, C/C++, Visual C/C++, Visual Basic, Python, Java, Rust, PHP, and SQL.
  • Development of web pages using HTML, XML, JavaScript, Flash, Squirrel, and Django.
  • Applications that connect to mobile hardware including iOS, Android, HTML5.
  • Design, specification, and documentation.
  • Selection of components.
  • Writing RTL code in Verilog or VHDL.
  • Generating and supporting verification plans
  • Validation of test cases written in Verilog or VHDL.
  • Simulation, synthesis, location, and route.
  • Closure timing.

Consumer Electronic Process

Quality Management Systems

At Xekera, we follow the Quality Management System defined by ISO 9001. We always start off a project with a detailed project specification with achievable milestones and the costs involved. Once the client approves this, we treat it as the master plan. We demonstrate our commitment by working towards the project specifications.

Development of connected hardware

Make your idea wireless

Using our experience with embedded electronics, we can integrate wireless technologies such as wireless cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth®, RFID, GPS, and other types of secure wireless connectivity to your product.

The connected hardware ideas you submit to us can be taken from concept to manufacturing by our integrated design and engineering team. No matter whether you are looking to update existing hardware with wireless freedom or if you are looking to create a new device from scratch, our team can help you.

Designing power and portability

It takes power to bring a product idea to life, and you have more options than ever before.

We have developed a number of battery powered and wired systems. A few of our design skills include non-contact inductive charging, USB, and Power over Ethernet (POE).

We design efficient, reliable solutions for a wide range of power requirements, from the high-power demands of industrial equipment to the extremely low power requirements of Internet-connected devices.

User-friendly interfaces

Voice, gesture, and touch interaction are some of the ways users can interact with your product.

Among the types of user controls we’ve designed are touchpads, biometrics, keys, audio commands, and gesture movements.

Whether you need motion, audio, video, vibration, light pipes, or GUI app design, we have your needs covered. We work with our in-house user interface and embedded software engineering teams to develop engaging, positive experiences based on new ideas.

Data, sensors, and automation

No matter which industry or consumer your product belongs to, it is likely that you will need to capture and process data, send information, or communicate with the loT world.

Ensure your product is market-ready

You can depend on us to make sure your product meets the highest standards and is compliant with all the regulations.

We conduct comprehensive verification and validation testing at strategic points in the design process.

We help you develop your production quality assurance process including test fixture design, PCB verification and custom software debugging when your products are being prepared for volume production.









Our Compliance Solutions has a particular responsibility towards our clients in the area of product safety