“Custom bootloaders, firmware development and device drivers are Xekera’s forte”


Software Solution

Our competency in algorithm writing is unmatchable and hard to find. Our firmware gurus deliver images that are entirely optimized and scalable, featured with diagnostics provisioning. Our capabilities to mitigate hardware issues through firmware are also unique. Through our skillful firmware solutions, we have saved our customers millions of dollars on hardware pins.

We provide services that span the entire design process: Ideation,  Proof-of-Concept  Design,  Optimization,  Prototyping,  EVT/DVT, DFM/A, and  Scale to Manufacturing.

Our streamlined design process delivers your solutions in the shortest possible time. We can marshal your design from Proof-of-Concept all the way to Manufacturing.

We provide robust, rapid, full-service electrical, mechanical, software and firmware solutions to our Clients for digital data acquisition, management, security and storage. 

We bring the lean start-up approach to innovation in companies of all sizes!

Our Projects

Vpro App

VPro is the leading high-frequency vibration device for orthodontics. An app provides an easy way to track and view weekly and monthly VPro use.

Dentskan App

From analog and digital to hybrid ones, we are breaking barriers in successful service provision in your vicinity.


Chipvelocity is a web platform for the fastest-growing mobile repairing & online retail electronic components outlet.

Google Audio/Video Algorithms

We gather initial technical and functional requirements, design schematic diagrams along with multilayer printed circuit boards, and attempt to comply with the environmental safety requirements and RoHS.


Ethingzz is an eCommerce platform where users can easily find products related to Fashion, Security, Electronics, Automobiles, Bags, Islamic Accessories, and much more.


circuit.pk is an online shopping store that brings all the necessary products of different categories in one place.

Operating System & Embedded OS

From general purpose applications to developing drivers for hardware design, firmware engineers make the best use of both operating system and embedded system, employing the scalability on both software and hardware in a professional manner. We follow an agile methodology to develop embedded firmware that is reliable, extensible and highly efficient.

Software Services


Middleware & Application Software

We are the brains starting from low-level code to sophisticated hardware, all the while implementing core solutions via embedded firmware up to middleware. We also carry out transactions between layers, and integrate it with the application software. This makes us your ultimate stop for your products.


Firmware & Device Drivers

With a deep understanding of low-level hardware design, we can develop Board Support Packages (BSPs) and device drivers.


Custom Boot Loaders

We are experts in the development of custom bootloaders that allow firmware updates after field deployment.



Due to our top-notch solutions and GUI, you will redefine your product and service user experience. Our GUI, bundled with low cost and its flexibility to work on any OS, is widely acclaimed for all these features.

Cloud Data Management

Using Cloud Data Management, we ensure the availability of mission-critical application data across public and private clouds along with the maintenance of integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of your data.


We use symbolic manipulation techniques to develop algorithms for high-level data-path hardware synthesis, embedded-software optimization and automated application specific embedded processor design. These algorithms bridge the gap between the algorithmic design and the semantics of software and hardware description languages.

Mobile App Development

We have expertise in multifarious games & apps development that will be helpful in propelling the business into an online marketplace.


We can create a pixel-perfect and responsive web design for our client’s business website, so they can get more customers and generate leads.

Product Design Tool

We have expertise in multifarious games & apps development that will be helpful in propelling the business in an online marketplace.


Our team of web developers helps your business stand out from the crowd in the online marketplace by providing a brilliantly designed website.

Cloud-Based Development

Xekera’s team of experts provides detail and result-oriented service with respect to your business needs either you are an enterprise, small, or startup business.


GIS Services & Solutions

Xekera’s GIS service solution is key to discovering the answer to your “Where” questions. Xekera Systems in collaboration with our GIS Partner GeoCam(Formerly GroundVu), pride ourselves in working with clients to understand, identify, and build solutions that help provide “Where” answers.









With our services, we go beyond merely communicating to ‘connecting’ with people