“The AWS solutions we provide will help you leverage its powerful suite of cloud services”


Using AWS and AI together

As part of its ML platform services, Amazon Web Services offers a video analysis service, a text mining service, as well as a translation service. Further, AWS offers Lex, MXNet, SageMaker, and Rekognition, services for developing AI-based applications.

We provide services that span the entire design process: Ideation  Proof-of-Concept  Design  Optimization  Prototyping  EVT/DVT  DFM/A  Scale to Manufacturing.

Our streamlined design process delivers your solutions in the shortest possible time. We can marshal your design from Proof-of-Concept all the way to Manufacturing.

We provide robust, rapid, full-service electrical, mechanical, software and firmware solutions to our Clients for digital data acquisition, management, security and storage. 

We bring the lean start-up approach to innovation in companies of all sizes!

AWS cloud services

It is Xekera Systems’ expertise in AWS cloud computing that allows us to guide businesses on how to run mission-critical applications using the AWS cloud.

Monitoring of Amazon servers

We can help you detect cloud computing and network problems quickly

AI for AWS

Improve your business with Rekognition, Polly, Lex, and ML

Big Data on AWS

Use AWS to build and deploy big data apps that are scalable and secure

AWS Web App

We have certified web developers who can help you build apps on AWS

AWS Mobile App

Connect with global audiences with powerful mobile apps

AWS Enterprise App

Our developers can develop mission critical apps that run on AWS


AWS IoT lets you connect your devices to the cloud securely and easily

AWS Deployment and Support

It's just half the work to deploy on AWS. Trust us to support your cloud.

AWS cloud consulting process

Assessment of cloud readiness

During the feasibility study, we determine whether your firm is ready to adopt the cloud.

Developing a cloud strategy

The current state of the organization's apps, infrastructure, tools, and methods are analyzed

Roadmap for cloud adoption

Based on your exact business requirements, we develop a start-to-finish implementation plan.

Suitability of cloud assets

Workshops are conducted to determine the tools, technologies, and methodologies to be used.

Analysis cloud computing

You can get information on when, where, how much, and when you should move to AWS from your current infrastructure.





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Case Study

Microsoft Teams APP Solutions

Microsoft Teams APP Solutions

DEXCOM G6 - CGM System

DEXCOM G6 - CGM System









The AWS solutions we provide will help you leverage its powerful suite of cloud services

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