Software Testing is an important step in the life cycle of software development.”

Software Testing Services

Software Testing Services verify that each of your software application’s functions operate in conformance with their behavioral requirement specifications, ensuring behavioral adherence and quality.

We provide services that span the entire design process: Ideation,  Proof-of-Concept  Design,  Optimization,  Prototyping,  EVT/DVT,  DFM/A and Scale to Manufacturing.

Our streamlined design process delivers your solutions in the shortest possible time.We can marshal your design from Proof-of-Concept all the way to Manufacturing.

We provide robust, rapid, full-service electrical, mechanical, software and firmware solutions to our Clients for digital data acquisition, management, security and storage. 

We bring the lean startUp approach to innovation in companies of all sizes!

Software Testing Procedure

Unit Testing

Unit testing is a quick and cost effective way to test the strength of each application unit separately and determines whether the individual source code modules are working properly.

Integration Testing

Testing performed by quality assurance (QA) inspectors that evaluates how different components of an application interact in a fully integrated system.

System Testing

While unit tests and components integrate with system integration, system testing evaluates a fully integrated application. Direct it to the entire system to ensure that the software works on all targeted programs. These tests are performed by QA inspectors and are performed from a user perspective. The most involved and time-consuming tests.

Acceptance Test

Occurs after system testing and right before deployment, a QA team writes acceptance tests to determine to what extent the application will meet the end users approval.

Software Testing Method

Software Testing is an important step in the life cycle of software development, which is done to maintain and ensure the quality of the software and the verification required to match customer specifications in application performance. The types of software tests can vary in different stages of the development phase such as unit tests performed by developers on source code, integration tests are performed on each module to ensure overall performance, system tests are performed to verify system performance, speed and overall performance, and client acceptance tests to assess user acceptance.









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