UX design vs Product Design

UX Design vs Product Design: An Ultimate Guide

Analogy – Let’s use the example of a smart switch and its application to better comprehend the contrast between product design and UX design. The program or software that controls the embedded hardware, such as a smart switch, requires user experience (UX) design.

The design sector is always changing. But as of right now, these are some of the components that go into product and UX design:

  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Interaction Pleasure

Priority for Businesses Today?

Designers, according to the conventional wisdom, should only be concerned with aesthetics, such as color and font. The software engineer’s job is to complete the rest of the app design. However, the user happiness issue, which pertains to who the main target audience is, is not being prioritized.

As a result, the current school of thought considers designers who primarily concentrate on the user experience to be UX designers.

Digital product design, on the other hand, is holistic and takes into account UI, UX, product capabilities, commercial viewpoint, etc. Therefore, the product designer is the one who oversees all of these.

According to statistics, business professionals will prioritize the customer experience above all else in the upcoming years.

What is UX Design?

The user’s interaction with a digital good, service, or solution is known as the UX. The interaction between a user and a product is what we refer to as UX design.

So, UX considers all these four aspects:

1. Value – Is the screen providing value to the user/viewer?

2. Function – Is the screen fulfilling its purpose?

3. Usability – Are all the elements easy to understand & use?

4. General Impression – Are all the screen elements complementing each other?

What is the Difference between UI and UX Designer?

Below is a table of differences between UX design vs UI design.

Basis of DifferenceUX DesignUI Design
Focuses on?the general impression/feedback about the usage of the digital product.How does the user interface of the product appear and work?
Involves…?develops prototypes and wireframes based on the user flow of a website or app.completing the design for real user interaction.
Intensity?It guarantees the extremely consistent overall user flow.ensuring that individual pages, CTA buttons, and other elements are polished. 

Types of UX Designs – Where is it Used?

The user is at the center of the entire user experience design process. Whether it be software development, websites, web apps, or mobile apps. A good or satisfying experience for the user is the responsibility of the UX designer.

We are all aware of how crucial it is to keep users engaged with your app or website. One of the important goals is to win their loyalty to your app.

Here are a few types of UX design:

  • Experience Strategy (ExS)
  1. Experience strategy entails approaching the business holistically. Additionally, it entails taking into account both company and client needs.
  2. They are also known as UX Strategists.
  • User Research (UR)
  1. An art form is user research. It’s like knowing what the person wants and when they want it by peering into their mind.
  2. They conduct extensive qualitative and quantitative research to address this.
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  1. Architecture – the word itself describes a structure.
  2. An IA for UX cannot be perfectly defined in any way. However, correctly positioning and organizing all of the components is an efficient strategy.
  • Interaction Design (IxD)
  1. This is the smart strategy behind planning the interaction between a device and a user.
  2. Also, how to optimize this experience is what the IxD focuses on.

What is Product Design?

You would need to be familiar with the latter side as well to understand the fundamental differences between product design and UX design. Prior to 2010, the term “product” solely applied to physical goods like furniture, books, equipment, etc. However, once software took off in the market, designers and developers began to approach apps the same way Toyota or Hyundai approached automobiles.

Types of Product Design

Hardware product engineering services include product design as a key component. Embedded product development, the creation of IoT applications, smart wearables, etc. fall under this category.

  • Original Product Design
  1. The design is innovative and new that poses solutions to new problems.
  2. This is very much inspired by the latest technological advancements and scientific discoveries.
  • Adaptive Product Design
  1. The product designs have been combined to build an all-in-one solution to new problems.
  2. The core solution is the same. However, there are considerable modifications that have problem solving attributes.
  • Variant Design OR Redesign
  1. When the design is changed, and the rest of the product remains the same, it is referred to as a variant design.
  2. For example, this involves size ranges and modular goods designs.

In spite of the fact that they are all different products, software development, website development, web app development, and mobile application development all call for excellent UX design. You should speak with well-known companies in the field to benefit from end-to-end product development.

Product Design vs UX Design – Duties & Roles

Most people are perplexed by the distinction between user interface design and product design. Both positions emphasize product development and problem-solving with design thinking. How do product designers compare to other designers? Which profession is the best fit for you? Do all businesses have these two duties? Let’s investigate!

Product Designer vs. UX Designer – Comparative Analysis

Let’s compare the roles of product designer vs UX designer.

UX DesignProduct Design
(Same as UX, also what’s extra?)
User StudiesAnalytical and Goal-Oriented
WireframesBusiness savvy
Designing user interfacesManagement & Strategy for Products
PrototypingA feature’s priority
User ResearchDesign Sprint Management

In response to your inquiry, “What distinguishes product design from user experience design? “, we created the comparison table shown above for you.

What are the Similarities between Product Design & UX Design?

  1. Both are predicated on the same line of reasoning. Both of them take into account the user flow and trip.
  2. Common procedural processes include defining, generating ideas, and validating the task.
  3. Both require extensive market study. To design the entire product or its UX, it is vital to understand the target users.
  4. Both require extensive user testing. This is crucial in both situations since, in the end, how the consumer feels about the product or the UI after using it will be most important.
  5. Both utilize the same wireframing tools for planning the screens like Balsamiq, Sketch, Lucid Chart, and Overflow.

Misconceptions In Between UX Designer vs Product Designer – Let’s Clarify

  1. They are the Same – overlapping responsibilities but separate objectives. While a UX design’s ultimate goal is to give a user the best experience possible, a product design’s goal is to create the best digital product. They are not the same, to sum up.
  2. Point of View (POV) – Old school of thinking holds that whereas product designers take into account both business objectives and user perspective, UX designers only take into account user perspective. In practice, both are done with consideration for the user’s and business’ perspectives.
  3. Product Designer Works More than a UX Designer – That is untrue! There are numerous tasks for both profiles. As a result, both designers put forth a lot of effort and attention.

Product & UX Designer – What Problems does He/She Solve Exactly?

The product designer definition explains how he or she is responsible to mould and design a product according to a company’s norms and goals.

Product Designer Works to Solve:

  1. Does the current economy fit your digital product?
  2. Does the mobile app (or any other) fit in well with the current trends in mobile app design?
  3. Does your product fit inside your financial budget and meet your company’s goals?
  4. What are the ways to make product design cost-effective, flexible, and ready to be scaled in the future?

UX Designer Works to Solve:

  1. Is the product’s design comprehensible and usable?
  2. What is user-friendliness? What are the various ways to make the user’s experience comfortable, retaining, and pleasant?
  3. What to do to work towards making the product experience seamless?
  4. How to reduce friction in the user experience?

Specific Skill Set of Product and UX Designer

Product Designer SkillsUX Designer Skills
driving initiativesPrototyping & wireframing
carrying out user studies for in-depth analysisAnalytical and logistical approach
developing design systemsUtilized tools: Invision and Axure
Curiosityuser-centered strategy
can maintain the product’s alignment with business strategythe capacity to overcome technical obstacles
Visual design senseConsiders user need
knows user psychology and the user journeyHis or her job is in line with the demands, objectives, and strategy of the company
maintains focus, leads the team, and communicates with other supporting teams.User flow mapping

Product Design vs UX Design: Process Comparison

The User Experience design process might contain the steps like:

Define > Ideate > Validate > Design > Develop

The target users must be identified prior to UX designing. After that, thinking up the next steps is possible. Once a skeleton is complete, it can be verified for various user bases. The final step is designing and technical development.

Process of Product Designing is similar to UX. However, after launching the project, product owner follows these::

Adoption > Conversion > Retention > Advocacy > Growth

What is the most effective method for product design, then? …

It begins by embracing the notion of introducing a product that meets the demands of the user right now. Next, the product needs to persuade the consumer to become a customer. You must realize that converting for a single sale is insufficient. The challenge is keeping the customer happy and loyal for an extended period of time. Finally, in order to expand your audience, you also need your customers to tell their friends and family about your product. You will advance in the field in this way.

Product Design Cost vs UX Design Cost – How are They Decided?

Every product has a different designing cost because it is dependent on its particular specialities, the amount of time required, and the number of people working on it. Fill out the FREE inquiry form to get in touch with our staff and learn more about the cost-affecting elements.

How Much Does a UX Designer Earn?

User experience designers’ pay varies by location, industry, and amount of expertise. For a UX designer for a startup in the USA, Glassdoor predicts that your typical salary will fall between $50,000 and $60,000 per year. Designers with more than ten years of experience might earn around $3 more per year.

What is the Salary as Per Product Designer Skills?

Product designers are paid differently depending on their experience and region. Visit the careers page or fill out the form to receive a call from our HR staff if you wish to pursue a career in product design with a reputable organization.


You may improve your understanding of the comparison between product design and UX design by recognizing the similarities and differences and eliminating any misconceptions you may have.

You should contact a well-known user experience design business that can assist you with UI and UX designing if you want the right perspective on advertisements and services. In fact, contact us right now if you need help in mobile app design services today .

You can get in touch with us if you want to hire a product designer who has experience and expertise in managing the product and works completely devotedly as if it were their own!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is product design and UX design the same?

No, there is no overlap between the roles of product design and UX design. But the key distinction is that product designers are more concerned with the product and its business, whereas UX designers are more concerned with giving customers the best possible experience.

Why product and UX design are essential for your business?
Your business needs product and UX designs because they can be used to better understand user behavior, what they are looking for when using an app, and how they make decisions.

What is the best process for product design?

The best procedure for product designing involves:
Define > Ideate > Validate > Design > Develop

Do Product Designers Need To Code?

No, not really. But, a point to note would be that coding knowledge would be a plus-one skill for product designers.

Do UX Designers Need To Code?

No, UX designers don’t need to know to code in and out. But a basic understanding of programming would help.

How to become a UX Designer?

Your path into UX Design will be difficult if you have only studied design or if you have no technical experience. We believe that learning certain strategies that can be helpful in the process of investigating the user’s wants through various approaches is the best course of action as the research method for analyzing user demands is typically largely based on UX techniques.

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