custom IOT product development

Build Custom IoT Products that will put you on the Global IoT Map

Your creative idea can be transformed into a unique, secure, and highly scalable IoT device by our outstanding team of IoT specialists. Simply purchase our full-cycle IoT product development services, and you’re done.

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Work with a reputable IoT company to develop your industrial or consumer IoT devices.

The Internet of Things today includes a wide range of hardware, software, and services. IoT encompasses a variety of linked devices, including those used in businesses, consumer-facing gadgets, and heavy industry assets like robots and machinery in smart factories.

custom IOT product development

By utilising the potential of this technology in accordance with an original product concept, there are innumerable excellent instances of custom IoT devices that have worked brilliantly (and produced millions of dollars) across numerous industries and enterprises.

Are you preparing to release a consumer-facing IoT device for sale, such as smart plugs, IoT toys, smart locks, or family trackers? Or perhaps create IoT-enabled wearables, IoT scanners for the assembly line, smart helmets, and other industrial IoT devices for factories and manufacturing facilities. In any case, Xekera Systems can successfully translate your concept from a piece of paper into an extremely useful IoT device.

When creating IoT products for our clients, we adhere to a set of very rigid rules and a highly organised process.

Each new IoT product development project aims to achieve a seamless user experience across device hardware and software. We think that the globe can only receive a powerful and functional IoT environment if the best IoT hardware, reliable IoT coding, and a top-notch IoT staff are used. And because of this, we continue to enhance the product after it is created in order to fully utilise the device’s potential.

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Utilize our services for developing unique IoT products

We handle all of your IoT product development needs as one of the top IoT development firms while delivering a fully functional IoT flagship. We adhere to the strictest security standards when developing your product since we recognise the significance of security in custom IoT product design and development.

Full-Service IoT Consulting

Are you one of those clever people who has great ideas for products but lacks the technical know-how to see them through to completion? Leave the technical project management to our most seasoned IoT professionals and stick to your guns when it comes to concepts and managing the commercial side.

IoT product engineering and design

To transform your concept into an actual IoT product, combine your business requirements with the appropriate technology and guidance. We will create an intuitive IoT product that completely meets your vision and the requirements of the end user. We use the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) philosophy to develop IoT products that are best in class.

Connected hardware & firmware development

The majority of customization options are available with Xekera Systems in each module of the integrated project. Our skilled software developers will make sure that the hardware and firmware of your device function flawlessly. To ensure that the entire system is error-free, our IoT team carefully designs, writes, and tests the firmware of the connected hardware.

IoT Product Prototyping and Testing

Rapid iterations are used by our product design and engineering team to create physical prototypes that can be assessed, tested, and improved. You may rapidly and affordably assess the viability of an IoT product idea and user feedback by using our prototyping and testing services. With the use of prototypes and proofs of concepts (PoCs), our IoT experts will create prototypes that replicate the IoT product experience.

Manufacturing support

The process of mass production begins once the final IoT product has been developed to completion. To produce your IoT product at scale, our team of IoT professionals has chosen and worked with the top material producers. You will be able to benefit from our experience.

IoT product improvement

Our IoT instructions can assist you with upgrading, migrating, or refactoring your product if it already has an IoT component but isn’t functioning as well as you had hoped. Therefore, we can take care of all the bases and assist your unique IoT product in realising the original vision you had in mind, whether it requires a hardware, firmware, or software upgrade.

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