App Development Market For Kids Getting Bigger

Is The App Development Market For Kids Getting Bigger?

A quick question!

Is Angry Bird an app for kids? If so, why do so many adults play it too?

And YouTube?

Lots of kids use this

points her 7 year old playing Clash of Clans. Also, both 2 and 14 year old’s are playing Taco Life.

Well, certain games don’t fit that demographic.

And isn’t the new generation getting smarter and smarter? Especially when it comes to cell phone use?

Did you know? The kids app development market is getting bigger and bigger.

Currently, 53% of children aged 3 to 4 years old use mobile phones to play games and watch videos. 79% of 5-7 year old’s and 99% of 12-15 year old’s use their phones for multiple purposes.

It may not come as a surprise to many, as we know that children today are primarily obsessed with their phones.

As kids become more and more addicted to their phones, app development companies have some advantages to their advantage. For example, let’s look at revenue from mobile games for children.

App Development Market For Kids Getting Bigger
App Development Market For Kids Getting Bigger

Global Children’s Mobile Gaming Industry Revenue

The kids market is rich and diverse. As the pandemic hits the world, downloads of educational apps are also soaring.

Currently, many companies, start-ups and some companies are focusing on developing apps for children. So, in this blog, I will explain how to make a fortune by making apps for kids.

Kids App Development: Market Overview

It’s nice to know that the younger generation is growing up in the smartphone age.

Initially, parents gave their children cell phones to play with, but now they are gradually proving to be an excellent medium for educating their children.

Additionally, one report suggests that parents believe that watching educational videos helps their children gain more knowledge. I also agree with the fact that mobile phones improve a child’s attention and engagement.

Of course, mobile app design for kids makes the content more engaging. That is why mobile educational apps are getting a lot of attention these days.

62% of parents think his mobile app should be an integral part of today’s education. The advantage of such apps is that there are many apps to develop.

A 2021 New York Times article told how a 7-year-old learned a new language through an app.

There is no doubt that the new generation, in contrast to previous generations, is seizing every opportunity, no matter how small, and making the most of it.

But more often than not, these apps are chosen by the parent, not the child. Especially he is a child under 7 years old. Think about the end user’s children.


If you are looking forward to developing apps for children, you have to choose a platform. For more information, see our comparison blog: iOS and Android development

Kids App Development What, Why, How – Answered

Let’s talk about why it’s important to take advantage of kid app development. Ideally, a child should use gadgets no more than two hours a day.

But can children use the app for a given amount of time? So let’s see how children of different ages spend their daily time using gadgets, watching videos and playing games.

Children under the age of 3 should ideally not use mobile phones. But then again, 36% of her as a child was scrolling through her phone screen.

With the proliferation of electronic gadgets, children are addicted to gadgets and media at home. Also, the preschooler uses gadgets she spends 4 hours a day.

8 to her 18 year old kids spend 8 hours a day on their gadgets. Ugh, it’s taking too long!

While these kids are looking for new ways to use their phones, there’s a great opportunity to give them the best apps.

Now you know why you should seize this lucrative opportunity. The next question is how do you move forward in the race?

Five Points to Consider When Developing Apps for Kids

1. Color plays an important role when talking about designing apps for kids. For example, a good UI/UX design for a children’s app makes the app’s content more engaging and easier for children to understand.
2. Highly creative and interactive 3D design keeps your child glued to the application. Show them something unusual. They will love your application even more!

3. Most importantly, create an application that adapts to children of different ages. For example, if you want to develop a game app for children, you can create different levels of difficulty for children of different ages. The same applies to developing mobile educational apps.

4. You can block or limit ads in the application. Mainly, kids are the least interested in ads, so they switch to another application.

5. Remember, kids love when they win. How many times have you seen when playing with your child that you almost let them win? Similarly, when developing an educational app, keep rewards or points that indicate that the game is won and the child is satisfied with the application.

We hope you understand why and how your child’s applications are important today. Let’s see what kids app development is trending in the market. Our team has researched some of the best apps on the market for different age groups.

Top Categories of Kids Mobile Apps

Educational Apps

Educational app downloads increased significantly during the pandemic. The stats below make that even clearer.

Increase in downloads by category of apps impacted by COVID-19 in the United States from March 2 to March 16, 2020.

What now? Will people uninstall these apps when the world reopens?

A Big No!

We are convinced of this because the results of the parent group survey also shocked us.

Surprisingly, parents now think that educational apps are far better than sending their children to school. They love this way of raising their children.

As per Research

  • A lot of the child’s time is saved that was previously wasted during commuting.
  • Child safety ( as compared to school).
  • Parents can give proper attention to their child’s learning.
  • And much more!!!

A popular app for education is the khan academy app.

School Apps

Recently, many schools have decided to develop custom apps. More simply put, schools these days create their own applications.

To make it more convenient, these children’s app developments are designed to download books by QR code
These QR codes are printed on the back cover of the textbook.

By integrating augmented reality and 3D objects into these apps, we could see books come to life.

Learning just got easier with these new app avatars.



It’s hard to distinguish between gaming apps and educational apps. Well, most educational apps are based on games. However,

game apps like Animal Crossing Mario are a classic example of game app development for children.

Language Learning Apps

Today’s children grow up in multicultural societies. Parents know that learning multiple languages ​​is beneficial. And the sooner a child starts learning, the better for him.

Therefore, there is a great demand for the development of children’s apps that teach children how to learn new languages ​​in a great way.

Duolingo app is the best language learning app.

And here are some other options to consider when developing apps for kids.

  • Math Apps
  • Reading Apps
  • Writing App for Kids
  • General Knowledge Apps
  • Learning Time Apps
  • Phonics Apps
  • Astronomy Apps
  • Learning Color Apps
  • eBook Apps
  • Video Streaming Apps
  • Character and Theme Apps
  • And much more!!!

If you know there are a lot of opportunities in the kids app development market, it’s time to give your users the best.

To give your users the best application development, you need to know the basics of app development
so that you hit the right brand.

Basic App Development Basics for Kids

Seamless Experience

Kids don’t want to use apps that are too complicated! to give. A pro tip is to include letters instead of text.

Yes, it’s easier for children to navigate the application and they tend to use the application more often.

User-friendly applications are therefore popular with users. Design teams should employ several tactics to reduce complexity.

Please select your target group

The Toddler application is different from the 6 year old application. Defining your intended audience is essential when creating an app for children.

You should determine your target users and develop your application accordingly. This is the best way to separate your application according to the children of the various slots.

Each application should be designed according to its age. When developing an app for children ages 10 and up, the application can be complex.

The Importance of Decision Makers

Note that when developing apps for children, she has two people to keep in mind.

Children and parents alike download applications. We need to understand both ways of thinking. If you can satisfy both sides, your application will definitely stay on people’s phones for a long time.

Interestingly, parents now see mobile apps as a great way to make learning more fun for their children.


When developing apps for children, make sure they are safe. There were no unwanted pop-ups or ads as the application would cause unwanted downloads when the kids clicked on the ads.

Build Custom Apps for Kids with Xekera Systems

We hope you’ve learned how developing apps for kids can be a profitable opportunity. Do not you think so?

Many of our customers ask us what kind of apps will bring the most benefits. Our experts see app development for kids as promising in many areas.

As a premier educational app development company, our team has years of experience in developing e-learning apps and various other types of educational software, and is well versed in the latest market trends.

Want to make an app for kids? Hire kids app developers, get their input and discuss ideas for better results.

Xekera Systems has helped many companies. I would love to help out with your project too!

Feel free to contact us online or call us at (408) 982-5851.

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