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Xekera is the Microsoft gold partner

There are many cloud computing platforms out there in the market that has many services but which one suits you, this is where we come in.

Xekera Systems Inc. cloud offerings are:

  • End-to-end cloud migration and development services.
  • Setting hybrid instance.
  • Building an IoT app.
  • Building an Internet portal.
  • Mobile Application.
  • Embedded software or cloud application etc.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with experience of working on Azure cloud computing for over a decade.

Our offerings

Cloud app modernization

Limited resources may cause challenges to any organization to improve its performance, legacy applications make it even tough.
Xekera Systems objective is to bring the legacy systems into life, make them up-to-date which is efficient and suitable for sustaining business and fulfills customer needs. This reduces hardware and infrastructure cost and improves application uptime to a large extent.

Besides, all customers always get a greater ROI when runs applications in the cloud.

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Cloud Provider

Cloud migration

Xekera Systems empowers our customers to migrate their cloud with high security and compliance and avoids all the hurdles that delay the migration process.

  • Analyze – your active architecture, understand your business needs, understand your gaps and challenges, and accordingly plan the migration.
  • Design & development – we create a custom Azure environment as per your business needs and wants.
  • Migrate – Your applications live on the cloud, once we are done with Analyze, Design and develop.

Cloud native apps

Xekera Systems Inc develops the most complex and huge systems to take full advantage of advanced software development practices, technologies, and cloud computing delivery models.

Cloud allows anywhere anytime computing with unlimited computing power on-demand features, and modern data and application services for developers. This allows organizations to focus completely on business generation and the rest will be done by us.

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Azure Services

Azure Active Directory (AD)

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) service. Azure AD allows users to use the same login credentials to signup for various services. It is the backbone of office 365 system.

Azure Congnitive Services

Azure Cognitive Service allows developers to easily work on AI without requiring machine-learning expertise. The API call embeds the ability to see, hear, search, speak, understand, and speed up decision-making into your apps.


It enhances productivity and streamlines the development process our strong tools allow us to automate and configure an end-to-end product development lifecycle, which includes continuous integration and a continuous delivery pipeline.

Functional App

Azure functions deal with

  • Gigantic data,
  • Creating simple APIs,
  • Working with internet-of-things(IoT),
  • Integrating systems.
  • Building micro-services.


Azure DevOps is a Software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows end-to-end DevOps toolchain to develop and deploy software.
With the Azure DevOps services, it integrates with the latest updated tools like agile tools for tracking and development of work among disparate teams.

Data Services

Data services help to handle the programming logic for data visualization in data storage hosted on the cloud, it helps the clients and third-party services for the accumulation of data from different parts of the architecture.

Azure App Service

You may create web and mobile apps for all platforms and devices with the help of the Azure app integrated service. Azure app service offers a wide array of plans to fulfill the needs of small to global websites and applications.

Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos is the best-of-breed NoSQL database. It is classified as “NoSQL Database as a Service”, which manages data at a big scale.
The main features of Cosmos DB are:

  • Linear Horizontal Scalable,
  • Global Distributed,
  • Completely Managed,
  • Low Latency,
  • Multi-model,
  • Multi query-API

Azure SQL

As its name suggested Azure SQL is a cloud computing database service. It is a fully managed secured and intelligent SQL database service.
Azure SQL offers a wide range of deployment options and being on the cloud this database does not need the installation of any hardware or software.

The forecast is cloudy!

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Xekera’s PowerApps services increase user productivity through customized business solutions
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