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Microsoft Teams APP Solutions

Company Communicator

  1. Add-on Service for Teams
  2.  Configurable- Count and Size of Attachments
  3.  Schedule announcements
  4.  Record the Reactions Stats

Employee Onboarding

  1. Assist New Employees in Onboarding
  2. New Employee Checklist
  3. Share Feedback
  4. Assign Weekly Tasks

Leave Management

  1. Apply for Leaves
  2. Edit Leaves Request
  3. Listing of Leaves
  4. Leave Approval Portal

Teams Meeting Assistant

Productivity app to streamline organizing meetings for geographically distributed teams on any device


A cloud-based system that allows patients to interact and communicate with the desired health care provider

Project Details

Provides continuous glucose monitoring which tracks glucose levels throughout day/night

Project Name
DEXCOM G6 – CGM System

Fixed BLE connectivity

Audited design architecture

Features for the new Dexcom G7

New Project (6)


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Detects temperature by recognizing and capturing different levels of infrared light

Project Name
Thermal Sensor Board- Android/iOS (ODM)

Precise Thermal imaging

Apple MFi/Android Arch

BLE 5.0/USB Portable/Kiosk Mode

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Key Features:

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Portable high performance device used for transporting data

Project Name

NVMe Canisters (x10)

9.5+ Gb/s Transfer rate

Dual Intel Xeon processors

Key Features


Autonomous Vehicle

Surveillance Systems

Medical Research

Data Backup Recovery


Weather Patterns

Data migration

Hybrid Cloud

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AV Sync Integrity/ Performance Testing

100+ Testbeds delivered. 50+ Configurations

POR Testbed for Audio/Video Sync & Performance Testing


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Project Name
Cloud Solutions

JOSM & GIS Networking

Building high accuracy local maps for Open Street Maps in partnership with Facebook

Application Engineering Services

Providing application engineering and  cloud services for SaaS applications

E2E managed services for development and support

Providing engineering design development and infrastructure support services in the cloud

Project Details

Project Name
Microsoft Solutions/Services

Recognized CSP Partner

Published 6 Solutions on Microsoft Marketplace

Cosell Approved

Microsoft Azure

Data Center Migration
Disaster Site Recovery/ Backup
Development Services

Microsoft Teams

Customized Teams Solution
Teams for Business
Teams for Education

Microsoft 365

License Procurement
Deployment Support

Value Add-ons


Migration Assessment


DevOps Workshop


Azure App Dev: Implementation


Power Apps: PoC


Microsoft Teams Workshop


Custom Teams Solution

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