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Labs, Reworks & Repairs

Xekera Labs, Reworks and Repairs

We do on demand fast rework via fast debug and High density work  . Whether you need help with a thousand circuit boards or just a few, we can get the job done and get your circuit boards back to you for a charge that’s generally just a fraction of the circuit board’s value.


BGA Rework

Xekera is Equipped with the latest Hot air and IR rework stations


High Density/Flex Connector

Xekera offers full-service, PCB/flex circuit assembly


Fine Pitch Components

Xekera offers fine pitch on circuit assembly



Xekera offers dual row QFN test test

manufacturing flex and rigid flex PCBs at Xekera Systems

We design it, we build it. With over 20 years of experience manufacturing flex and rigid-flex PCBs, we can build complex jobs like no one else.

PCB manufacturing quick turn around at Xekera Systems

Need a flex prototype built quickly? Our U.S.-based manufacturing facilities will get your PCB design built fast so that you can iterate fast. Don’t wait for overseas shipping when we can build it now!

Rigid, Flex/RigidFlex, HDI, Metal PCBs, Assemblies and Full Turnkey are manufactured by sister concern the RushPCB Inc company.