Rework & Repair

One-stop shop for your Rework & Repair & PCBAs

  • Whether you need help with just a few or a thousand PCBAs, we can get the job done for a charge that’s generally just a fraction of the circuit board’s value.
  • Our in-house Design Team can assist you with Design Rule Checking (DRC) of your PCB for Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA), and DFT issues.

BGA Rework

BGA rework at Xekera Systems

Fine Pitch Rework

High Density/Flex Connector Rework

high density flex connector at Xekera Systems

QFN Rework

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Regular PCB Fabrication:
– Send us the Gerber files, the CNC drill file, and a brief description of the board.
Complex PCB fabrication:
– All of the above
– Details of material specifications and layer build-up drawings that show the complete construction of your multi-layered PCB.

Lead times will begin after;
- All engineering questions have been cleared.
- All parts have been audited & shortages cleared.
We push to ship your jobs on and before the delivery dates.
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