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Electronic Design & Development Service

Xekera Electronic Design Service

Electronic design services from Xekera Electronics, US, is a consultancy division. We provide a comprehensive solution ranging from refining design concepts to producing the final product. Our extensive experience spans a wide range of industries that include medical, military, telecommunications, entertainment, sports, commercial, and industrial sectors.

We typically follow a few phases in our design service, in this order:

  • Forming the initial concept
  • Making a feasibility study
  • Developing the Hardware
  • Developing the Firmware and Software
  • Design verification through pre-production builds
  • Production phase

We undertake projects covering vast fields including telecommunications, power, RF, analog electronics, digital electronics, motor control, software development, re-engineering of obsolete designs, EMI/EMC and safety testing, CE marking, and many more.

Our electronic design engineers have an extensive experience in embedded systems involving several types of micro-controller designs involving RFID applications, ECG monitoring, system monitoring and control, battery chargers and converters, CNC control, medical systems, and many more.

Our systems design involves use of all types of serial communications, Bluetooth, wireless, USB, Ethernet, digital controls, micro-processors, micro-controllers, PIC controllers, to name only a few. We also have experience in handling different battery types, equipment working on mains, and digital signal processing involving 8-, 16-, and 32-bit devices.

CE marking support is one of our strong capabilities. For more information, please contact us directly or consult our comprehensive guide on CE marking.

Who Uses Xekera Electronic Design Service?

Xekera electronic design service has various types of customers. Entrepreneurs use our services to reduce their time to market. Major government departments use our services to augment their internal operations. Established equipment manufacturers use our services to update their legacy products, to leap-frog over competition, avail of our modern services such as W-Fi enabled devices, and use our apps for Android and IOS. Others with existing products use our services to enhance their functionality, portability, and durability.

Advantages of Xekera Electronic Design Service

Our design service operates with three major steps:

  • We undertake feasibility studies for ensuring the economic and engineering viability of your project.
  • We prepare a comprehensive project specification, along with a timetable and budget, and consult you for an agreement.
  • We deliver on time and within budget.

Divergence of market requirements from project specifications can derail a project at any time despite the best efforts of all concerned. For most of our clients this happens after they have built the prototype and are testing it in the field before production start. Consequently, they face the problem of finding additional resources to cover this gap in time.

Xekera Electronics offers a solution for such cases. We provide the SEC or Sustained Engineering Contract for a yearlong support committing all design engineering resources necessary for the period immediately after prototype development. For this, we offer services such as design modifications involving faults and rectification, EMC testing, and CE marking and advice. Xekera offers this as a standard service with all our development contracts, and our clients can renew it after its expiry.

When you deal with Xekera Electronics for your entire project, it streamlines your activities as your resources do not have to spend their time bringing other contractors up to the same level from scratch. Xekera integrates all activities under one roof, so your project’s hardware and software development can move forward simultaneously.

Our project management activities keep your project on track always, while we move towards the milestones. You can access your project via the extranet, and we hold project review meetings regularly, allowing you to sign off work we have completed to date. Only when we have your approval, we move the project forward.

Following our long experience, we find that feasibility studies, prototype making, and other pre-production testing and verification allows refining the project progressively for meeting unforeseen requirements. We liaison closely with the client and provide prompt feedback to accelerate the pace of development. Our rapid prototyping and agile production capability stand unchallenged and unparalleled so far. Our PCB services in the USA is the leading service for getting your small lot PCBs fabricated and assembled.

We are extra mindful of the intellectual property rights of our clients, including their design. We prefer to sign non-disclosure agreements beforehand to allay the fears of our clients. If we are handling your design, we will transfer all the source and design data along with complete manufacturing information at any time in the project.

We always offer our clients sustained engineering support for long-term. Most of our customers have been using our services for decades, and we are grateful for their repeat orders. We prefer long-term relationships so you can invest and build your products, updating and upgrading them with our support.

Technology and Machinery in Xekera Electronic Design Service

We have an extensive range of development equipment that we use in our design services. We are listing some below:

Tools & Machinery-1

Electronic design machinery

Tools & Machinery-2:

Electronic Design Machinery 2

Quality Management Systems

At Xekera, we follow the Quality Management System defined by ISO 9001. We always start off a project with a detailed project specification with achievable milestones and the costs involved. Once the client approves this, we treat it as the master plan. We demonstrate our commitment by working towards the project specifications.

For our requirements from the client for designing a product, please send an enquiry or give us a call.

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