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Printed Circuit Board and Assembly

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Note: Xekera Electronics lead times will begin after all engineering questions have been cleared and assembly lead times will begin after all parts have been audited and shortages have been cleared. Please keep in mind that we do not have any control over part delays, and design or engineering EQ's clarification approval from the customer. As long as these requirements are met on time, then we will always push to ship your jobs on or before the delivery dates.

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The maximum allowed total file size is 5 MB. The total number of files uploadable is 10. With BOM/P&P files, you can upload gerber files to a .zip or .rar format.
You can also upload files [SCH, SCHDOC, CAM, BRD, PCB, PCBDOC, DXF, DWG, HPGL, Move, STP, PRJPCB, DSN, ASC, JOB] from XLS, DOC, CSV, PDF, TXT, CAD / CAM.
You can also directly attach RFQ-files to rfq@xekera.com.

You can get a quote for PCB & PCB-Assembly or Complete Turnkey by emailing us your Gerbers & BOM for RFQ at rfq@xekera.com call us at 1-408-899-4431 or 1-408-982-5851 if you need additional assistance.

Our engineers are still available to throughout the design process in order to ensure satisfactory manufacturability and efficiency. We also provide online support for impedance calculators, layer stacking assistance and manufacturing design (DFM) to further ensure your satisfaction,Before we give you the end
product you can be assured that we have checked the PCB properly to ensure that it is correctly assembled and works properly. We can’t wait to hear from you, please email us today! We look forward to supporting you and all the needs of your PCB!