PCB Fabrication

One-stop-shop for fast turn-around time for simple or complex, prototype & production boards with quality and competitive pricing.

  • High Density Interconnects for PCB size reduction or placing more components on a given real estate.
    • Micro-vias (Blind, Buried, Resin-filled, Copper-filled, Staggered, & Stacked) (laser drilling or sequential layer build).
  • Our system includes Design Rule Checking (DRC), and follow-up processes for Design for Manufacturing (DFM), and Design for Assembly (DFA).
  • Lean manufacturing techniques for competitive prices.
  • Comply with international standards such as RoHS. The quality grade of our PCB fabrications conforms to IPC 2, while our assembled PCBs conform to IPC 3 grade.
  • Certified UL, ISO13485, ISO9001, TS16949, and QS9002 production facilities
  • Team of professional experts in our global team.
  • Expedited service plan allows us to deliver your PCBs from 2 days to a maximum of 2 weeks.
PCB Fabrication
Xekera Blind Vias
Xekera HDI PCBs

PCB & Flex PCB Capabilities:

  • PCB Fabrication capabilities are listed below.
  • Please contact us for any of your special requirements that you do not find here.
Active PCB sizeMaximum 22 x 17inch
Materials usedFR-4 (High Tg), PTFE, Polyimide-
Solder Resist (Liquid Photo-Imageable)Colors: silver grey, white, black, blue, red, green-
Legend (Ink)Colors: white (standard), yellow-
Multi-Layered1-12 or moreNos.
PCB Thickness0.008 to 0.126inch
Copper Weights½, 1, 2, 3oz
Surface Finish HASL (Leaded and Lead-Free) Immersion Silver (0.2 microns) Immersion Gold (0.1 micron) over Electroless Nickel (5 microns)-
Track Width / Spacing½ oz copper: minimum 0.004/0.004 1 oz copper: minimum 0.006/0.006 2 oz copper: minimum 0.008/0.008 3 oz copper: minimum 0.012/0.012inch
Drill SizeSmallest recommended: 0.008inch
Gap between SMD PadsMinimum 0.005inch
Clearance between copper and solder resistMinimum 0.004inch
Plated hole aspect ratio (depth: diameter)6:1 for 0.063 inch thick PCB-
Mechanical FeaturesScoring, routing, counter-boring, counter-sinking, edge-chamfering, and more.-

Electrical Test Specifications

Test AreaMaximum 24 x 20inch
Number of Probes2 on Front, 2 on RearNos.
Board SizeMinimum 3 x 3inch
Board thickness for clampingMaximum 0.24inch
Repeatable Accuracy±0.4mil
Resolution 0.24 mil
Pad Pitch Minimum 7 mil
Test Voltage for Continuity Test 0 - 10VDC
Test Voltage for Isolation Test250VAC
Test Current for Resistance Test 2.5 µA – 150 mA-

Typical Delivery Times for PCBs including Flex-Rigid PCBs

TypeSamples (Days)Production (Weeks)

Technical Specification for Flexible PCBs

Thickness PCB Single Sided including CVL (minimum)3.15mil
Thickness PCB Double Sided including CVL (minimum)8.27mil
Track Width and Spacing (minimum)0.003inch
Hole Diameter (minimum)0.012inch
Tolerance Hole Diameter (Before Plating)±0.002inch
Tolerance Hole Diameter (After Plating)±0.004inch
Tolerance Outline (Hard Punch Tool)±0.002inch
Tolerance Pitch±0.002inch
Tolerance Track Width (% of width)±20%
Economic Length of Flexible PCB (maximum)20inch

Online Quote

Regular PCB Fabrication:
– Send us the Gerber files, the CNC drill file, and a brief description of the board.
Complex PCB fabrication:
– All of the above
– Details of material specifications and layer build-up drawings that show the complete construction of your multi-layered PCB.

Lead times will begin after;
- All engineering questions have been cleared.
- All parts have been audited & shortages cleared.
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