PCB Assembly

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(prototypes & high volumes)

  • Our system includes Design Rule Checking (DRC), and follow-up processes for Design for Manufacturing (DFM), and Design for Assembly (DFA).
  • Lean manufacturing techniques for competitive prices.
  • Comply with international standards such as RoHS.
  • The quality grade of our PCB fabrications conforms to IPC 2, while our assembled PCBs conform to IPC 3 grade.
  • Certified UL, ISO13485, ISO9001, TS16949, and QS9002 production facilities
  • Team of professional experts in our global team.
Xekera Blind Vias
PCB Fabrication


  • SMT & Through-hole assemblies
  • Single and double-sided PCB assemblies
  • Lead-Free or Leaded
  • Water Washable or No-Clean Pastes / Fluxes
  • Chip Epoxy
  • Components:
    • BGA and Micro-BGA [includes CSPs (Chip Scale Packages) & Flip Chips]
    • 3 mm (~12 mil) Fine Pitch
    • 01005 (0.016″ x 0.008″) Placement
    • Chips, SOTs, SOICs, PLCCs, LCCs, QFPs, BGAs, QFNs, AL Caps, Odd Form
    • Connectors:
      • Press Fit, high density & flex Connectors
    • Rework:
      • Reballing
      • De-population and Re-population
    • X-Ray (BGA joint verification)
    • De-ionized Wash
    • Mechanical Assembly and Box Builds
      • Sub-assemblies with multiple boards
    • Cable & Harness Assembly
    • IPC-A-610 Class III Certified
    • Strict ESD Control
    • Work closely w/ In-House Design Team on DFM and DFT Issues
    • Functional Testing
    • Conformal Coating and Potting (limited)
    • Ultrasonic Welding
    • Prototype & High-Volume Production
      • Quick-Turn Assemblies (Same Day & Next Day)
      • Turnkey or Consigned Kits
      • Production Quantities w/ Scheduled Deliveries
      • Overseas Manufacturing / High Volume Manufacturing

Online Quote

Regular PCB Fabrication:
– Send us the Gerber files, the CNC drill file, and a brief description of the board.
Complex PCB fabrication:
– All of the above
– Details of material specifications and layer build-up drawings that show the complete construction of your multi-layered PCB.

Lead times will begin after;
- All engineering questions have been cleared.
- All parts have been audited & shortages cleared.
We push to ship your jobs on and before the delivery dates.
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