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Hardware Design

Hardware Design

Hardware Design Services

From initial conceptualization to the management of volume production, our hardware design services include the full spectrum of product development activities. We provide hardware design services that include:

  1. PCB Design Services
  2. FPGA Design Services
  3. Wireless Design Services
  4. Analog Design Services
  5. Power Design Services

We provide peer engineering review, signal integrity modeling, and power delivery network (PDN) analysis and implementation as part of our Hardware design services.

Xekera Hardware Design

PCB Design

We provide Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design services for digital and mixed-signal PCBs for a variety of industry applications. First-time-right PCBs have become our hallmark. Our PCB design services include Schematic capture, Bill of Materials (BOM) review and optimization, layout, Prototyping, text fixture development, Pre-production design verification, regulatory certification, and transition to development

PCB Design Expertise


  • Designing multi-layer, high-speed digital PCBs, for example, FC8, PCI Express generation 2/3/4, FDR InfiniBand, USB 3.1, SATA, HDMI, XAUI, DisplayPort and Thunderbolt. 
  • Parallel circuits covering the frequency range of 1GHz to 10GHz
  • Designing PCBs for high-frequency RF applications
  • A high-speed parallel circuit, for example. RLDRAM, DDR2/3/4, proprietary buses, and QDR memory interfaces.
  • Design of high-density and high-pin-count PCBs using advanced technologies, such as micro vias, via-in-pads, ultra-fine pitch BGAs, and “first-time-right” methodologies 
  • Analog PCB design for low-level systems
  • PCBs for test fixtures
  • Incorporating rigidity and flexibility
  • Memory interfaces, for example. DDR2/3/4 
  • Power and noise isolation for mixed-signal boards
  • Analyzing and verifying the integrity of signals prior to and after layout
  • Transducer-interfacing, impedance-controlled, and sensitive signal design
  • Designs that are RoHS/WEEE compliant
  • IPC class 2 and 3 PCBs with high yields and low costs are part of new products introduced
  • HALT, HASS, DFT (ICT coverage, JTAG test vector development)
  • BIST and test fixtures for volume production (DFx)
  • Create PCB stack-ups to improve EMI/FCC issues
  • HDI-buildup for ultra-fine pitch high-density packages
  • Redesigns for end-of-life and cost-reduction
Xekera Design Services

FPGA Design Services

Xekera’s in-house extensive FPGA development team contributes expertise in memory interfaces, algorithms, and more. Among the services we provide are video, high-speed memory, network interfaces, algorithm design, and embedded software. Besides designing custom FPGA boards, we integrate our PCB designs with the clients’ existing hardware. 

  • Innovative applications: feasibility studies
  • Implementing and optimizing VHDL, Verilog, and SystemVerilog architectures and RTL coding
  • We develop embedded software for soft and hardcore SoCs, DSP algorithms, and FPGA algorithms
  • Developing test benches, verifying RTL, and simulating post-synthesis are part of our system testing and verification procedures.
  • Integrated IP integration, such as video encoders/decoders and standard interfaces, including their connectivity, modification, and debugging

FPGA Design Expertise

  • Aurora, GbE, SATA, HDMI, HD-SDI, SerialLite, InfiniBand, PCIe Generation (1,2,3,4)
  • FPGA digital signal processing and DSP algorithm development
  • Video and image processing pipelines with high definition
  • The following high-speed memory interface designs are supported: DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, QDR II, Hybrid Memory Cube, High Bandwidth Memory (HBM)
  • Low-latency, custom industrial automation communications and controls
  • A parallel imaging system based on multi-FPGAs
  • FPGA devices with high-speed computing interconnect fabrics
  • Testbeds for unit and system-level verification built using  Open Verification Methodology (OVM) and Universal Verification Methodology (UVM)
Advance Electric Design Services
Xekera QMS

Wireless Design

Xekera Systems offers a broad range of experience in wireless design and implementation of Radio-Frequency (RF) Communications solutions. Our designs take into account the inherent trade-offs. Our previous RF projects have been focused on areas such as consumer portables, personal area networks, vehicle telematics, robotics, IoT gateways, towed-wave radar and microwaves, scientific testing equipment, ultrasound, and medical imaging systems (MRI). Our expert team always considers security when designing a product, especially one with wireless communications.

We have a team of engineers who can help you develop RF solutions for a wide range of project needs and specifications.

Wireless Design Expertise

RF Design

  • A spectrum of frequencies up to 50 GHz
  • Use of RF ICs as RF “building blocks”:
    • PLLs, PAs,Transceivers, LNAs, mixers
    • SoC RF microcontrollers
  • GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular (HSPA/GSM/CDMA/GPRS) integration
  • UWB and Doppler radar, both of which consume low-power 
  • Microwave (terrestrial and space), RFID, NFC, Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication
  • Impedance matching, Circuit simulation, and network tuning
  • Industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands
  • Assessing feasibility through a propagation model for radio systems based on:
    • Range
    • Terrain
    • Carrier frequency
    • Power
  • Detection of collisions
  • Specific communication protocols for applications
  • Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)

RF Communication Protocols

  • ZigBee, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n,  IEEE 802.15.4 low-rate wireless personal area network (LR-WPAN)
  • IEEE 802.15.1, NFC, WiMAX, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth wireless technology, 
  • Software Stacks
    • lwIP (TCP/IP)
    • TI SimpliciTI and SimpleLink
    • Bluetooth GAP and GATT

Wireless Applications

  • Firmware updates via OTA (over-the-air)
  • Device pairing and bonding
  • Standardized or custom-built security
  • Detection and recovery of errors

Radio systems

  • Master, slave, and mesh networks
  • Battery-powered portable devices
  • Adaptive network protocols

Regulatory Compliance

  • Compliance-driven design
  • Validation and Testing
    • For Example The FCC part 15, Subpart B and C,

Analog Design

 Analog design expertise at Xekera includes amplifier design,  audio processing, signal conditioning, passive and active filters, micropower design, PLLs, low noise design, A/D and D/A conversion, among other areas. 

Our experience ranges from DC power to the low GHz microwave frequency range, but we can also design wireless devices operating in the 2.4 GHz ISM band.  Our team knows how to handle analog signals if they exist in the “real” world!


  • Circuit design and architecture for analog/RF systems
  • Characterization and selection of components
  • Custom design
  • Debugging and troubleshooting of systems
  • Modeling and simulations of circuits


  • Amplifiers, both analog and power
  • Signal conditioning for sensors and transducers
  • Signal processing using analog components, e.g. peak-detectors, RMS detectors, voltage sources, multipliers, etc.
  • Active filters, Passive RF, PLLs, and low-frequency (lumped element) filters
  • System designs with low jitter and noise
  • Designs that rely on micro-power and batteries
  • Applications of RF amplifiers (MMICs) and filters
  • Applications involving discrete semiconductors
  • Custom magnetic designs and transformers
  • Optimization and Simulation of circuits 
  • 24-bit and 1 GSPS+ data conversion (A/D, D/A)
  • WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and other wireless technologies (2.4 GHz ISM Band)



  • Altium Designer
  • Cadence OrCAD
  • Linear Technology LTspice
  •  Mentor Graphics DxDesigner
  • Solidworks
  • Polar
  • HyperLynx
  • HFSS.


  • OrCAD
  • Altium Designer


  • Xilinx Vivado 
  • ISE ( System Generator, Platform Studio, ChipScopePro, IP Integrator)
  • LatticeIspLEVER and Lattice Diamond 
  • Microsemi Libero 
  • Synplify Pro 
  • Mentor ModelSim and Mentor Questa
  • Aldec Riviera-PRO and Active-HDL 
  • MATLAB/Simulink

Technology and Machinery in Xekera Electronic Design Service

We have an extensive range of development equipment that we use in our design services. We are listing some below:

Tools & Machinery-1

Electronic design machinery

Tools & Machinery-2:

Electronic Design Machinery 2

Quality Management Systems

At Xekera, we follow the Quality Management System defined by ISO 9001. We always start off a project with a detailed project specification with achievable milestones and the costs involved. Once the client approves this, we treat it as the master plan. We demonstrate our commitment by working towards the project specifications.

For our requirements from the client for designing a product, please send an enquiry or give us a call.