Firmware Design

Firmware Design

Xekera has a strong team of firmware developers and embedded software engineers who have worked on computer systems, avionics, consumer electronics, IoT (Internet of things) devices, automotive, medical devices, industrial automation robotics, radar systems, and a wide range of other projects.

What We Offer

Embedded Firmware Development

We use low-level firmware (ROM, OTP/PROM, and PLA structures), high-level firmware, and subsystems to power a diverse range of embedded systems. As part of our firmware integration services, we support microprocessors and hardware from companies such as ARM, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Intel, Altera Design Services Network, Freescale, Marvell, NXP, RHOBH, and Texas Instruments.

End-to-End Firmware Programming

A large part of our post-silicon validation process includes:

  1. Chip bringing up
  2. Memory architecture optimization
  3. Built-in and powered-on self-tests (BIST/POST).
  4. BSP layer programming for board bring-up, boot loaders, file systems, device drivers (HDMI, Ethernet, SDIO, SATA, SPI,, LVP, Bluetooth, 802.11x, USB, SUR,) and RTOS ports (Windows, Linux, VxWorks, Android, QNX, Nucleus).

Custom Firmware Solutions

We offer “flash” rewrites of the read-only memory (ROM) and programmable read-only memory (PROM) for high-level firmware. As a company with years of experience in designing firmware, we provide “custom firmware” or aftermarket firmware for all kinds of electronics, including video game consoles, modems, and other electronic devices.

Our Firmware Expertise

Firmware Technologies

  • NAND Flash Memory 
  • Flash Management Algorithms
  • Solid State Disk 
  • SCSI protocol 
  • Hard Disk Drive.

Devices supported by our Firmware

  • PCI
  • Media devices
  • USB devices.

Our application layer designers are all experienced in a wide array of languages and frameworks including Qt, OpenGL, Adobe Flash, Flex, HTML5, Java Script, and more.

Our Solution Areas

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Cloud Development
  3. Database Services
  4. Facilities Management
  5. Embedded System
  6. GIS Solution
  7. IoT and M2M
  8. Middleware
  9. Mobile App Development
  10. POS Programming

Our Portfolio

  1. VPRO
  2. VPRO+
  3. Periotech
  4. Uplift
  5. Dentskan
  6. Thermal Sensor board for Android
  7. Thermal sensor board for Apple Products
  8. Dexcom G6