How Custom App Development Boost Our Clients Profits by 25%?

Did you know that investing in an app that comes semi-ready and takes less time or no time to market can have a downside?

Here is.

The type of app development explored here is White Label Solution Apps. Even after coming across a series of sweet promises, the lifespan of the benefits is as short as the next app update. A fact that drives people away from them to develop their own applications.

Custom App Development Increased Our Client’s Profits

Before we look at the benefits that brands get when they abandon their White Label Solution and invest in developing their own Android apps or their iOS counterpart, or even developing their own web apps, let’s quickly go over the meaning of White Label Solution Apps or a.k.a Recyclables application.

White Label Solution or Recyclable Apps are those that are provided to brands to use as their apps. Imagine this, you have an idea for a commuting app like Uber and you get an Uber app where all you have to do is fill in your brand specific details. Just change the tag name, maybe the background color, and voila! You have an Uber-like app ready.

White Label Solution Apps provide you with a ready-made application that only needs to be filled with your brand information.

In our experience, we have seen brands see a huge jump in their P&L within just a few months of switching from a White Label Solution App to a Custom Mobile App. All this thanks to the obvious advantages that mobile application development brings.

Here are some of the benefits of the custom mobile app development process.

1. Benefits of using custom mobile app development services

Undoubtedly, White Label Mobile App Solutions come with offers that are too hard to ignore – low development costs and faster time-to-market, at least when compared to in-house app development prices. But in any case, the benefits end there. And these are the places where long-term problems always begin.

Let’s look at these and some others in more detail from the point of view of developing your own mobile applications

Greater individuality

White Label Solutions come with an app design that you choose to run your app. The catch is that you’re not the only one using the design and layout. Your competitor who is in a similar range of features also chose the same design as you to save their time and development time.

When you choose to partner with a best-in-class custom app development company, you automatically get the freedom to choose the design, UI, UI, flow, features and much more. This will keep the level of individuality in your app intact.

You have intellectual property rights

One of the scariest features of White Label Solution Apps, as any mobile software development company would tell you, is the lack of IP rights. You have no right to anything you have based your company’s image on. Everything from the code to the server belongs to the development platform where you found the application.

In the event of an unexpected and dangerous future, not only your brand image is at stake, but also the private data of your users.

When you invest in developing your own app, the fear of data security and app intellectual property rights is safely alleviated. Because you are the sole owner of the application and its backend once it is developed.

It becomes scalable

Custom apps are inherently more scalable. When you invest in a White Label Solution App, you’re investing in an app that comes as a single, non-expandable app. Adding features or even moving them from Android to iOS or vice versa is not possible with Recyclable Apps.

Scalability is the only feature that you can enjoy only when you are the parent of the app. Something that only the dominance of custom app development can offer.

A Chance at Getting Updated

With a white label solution, your app’s story ends once the app is launched. With a solution that operates in such an isolated environment, it’s nearly impossible to plan a schedule for continuous updates without a White Label App developer stepping in and burning a hole in your pocket, one thread at a time.

With in-house app development, you can easily update your app when you feel the need to offer something better to your customers. Unlike your white label counterparts, you can negotiate with your own mobile app development companies at the stage when you decide to invest in them.

With custom settings, you can future-proof your app, ensuring it keeps changing with changing user demands

It allows you to take advantage of automation

It’s no secret how automation makes life easier for both users and developers. Whether it’s as simple as sending a notification or as complex as updating a connected cloud service when something changes.

White Label does not allow you to enjoy these benefits because there is less chance of automating the application beyond what already exists.

Here were the reasons why we and every custom app development company trying to become a brand partner (which only happens when you transition from just being a mobile app developer) to investing in custom app development.

While the internet is full of many benefits, even more than those listed above, we have seen this approach work wonders for the companies that connect with us. Here’s an example of a brand we worked with handling their custom app development process and how they saw a 25% increase in profit margin after switching from a White Label Solution App to our custom app –

2. The case of how our client saw a 25% increase in their business growth after switching to outsourcing.

*In the interest, we will call our client ABC.*

We had a client, ABC, who invested in a White Label solution for one of their enterprise applications that needed to streamline their business processes and synchronize their offshore and internal team while being available to clients in real time.

It took them about four to five months to realize that in order to be truly productive and to keep the entire team and affiliates in sync to reflect on their P&L, they would need to move away from the app format. which was already running around as theirs in a number of companies.

It’s not just the ABC who made the move when they contacted us through our App Consultancy page, we shared with them a number of case studies of other agencies switching from White Label Solutions to in-house app development.

Here are a few ways custom app development helped their case.

Reduction of effective tasks

One of the biggest challenges they faced with their recyclable app was that their team very quickly outgrew the feature set they were given as an integral part.

After continuing with the same set of processes, even though employees were now manually performing tasks that should have been processed in the app, for about 3 months, ABC began to see visible signs of low productivity.

Once we developed the app to their exact needs (adding features that not only meet current needs, but also those they will encounter in the next 5 years time frame), their quarterly performance report showed a reduction in inefficient tasks and an increase in ROI from their app – all in terms of productivity measures.

The rise of employee collaboration

The feature to provide real-time data on software orders received by the offshore sales team to the product team based in Bengaluru was missing from their app (it was a feature in the upgraded version of the white label app they chose. But they should not have opted in). The procedure they followed was that the sales team was a joint report of orders and specifications and sent them each day by the end of the working day.

There was evidently a lack of cooperation between the domestic and offshore teams. It took them 20 misinformed software configuration delivery complaints to realize they needed a real-time update solution.

After developing their own application, in addition to a visible reduction in the number of complaints related to late or incorrect software delivery, they even saw an increase in team collaboration and an increase in customer satisfaction.

The rise of customer communication

The process that ABC followed was that they would send out feedback forms after an order was completed and if they received any negative feedback they would address it over the phone. In more than 5 incidents, they didn’t tell their customers the problem was fixed even though they were.

Through our own app, we gave them a platform to activate reps even after hours and then implemented an automated messaging mode with feedback after each milestone decided. Both steps resulted in timely communication and correction.

Greater Usage on Multiple Devices

The app that ABC chose was unresponsive on the PC. We know that enterprise applications cannot work on only one device – mobile. It must be functional on computers, tablets and sometimes wearable devices.

And we brought the app to exactly all these devices that the team was using. To do this, we first created a list of devices – OS, version and device type that were functional in the team and created a deployment plan accordingly.

They scored points over their competitors

In the enterprise mobile app development scenario, it is not uncommon to see a leaning towards white-label solution apps, as it is generally known that the included features will not have any drastic changes. This was the thought that led ABC to invest in a white-label solution without considering that every business operates differently and has different processes and tracking systems to follow.

After integrating the app with their exact business needs, ABC saw an increase in their half-yearly report against their competitor’s growth chart. While there were other reasons behind this, they largely attributed it to the in-house mobile app development services they invested in.

The numbers that their reports showed were just a fraction of the various quantifiable and non-quantifiable benefits that ABC gained when they decided to launch their White Label mobile app for custom solutions.

So here you have proof that custom iOS app development and custom Android development replace White Label Solution Apps when you invest in an experienced mobile software development company. Are you ready to make a one-time investment in your future? Need more explanation? Contact our team of mobile app experts today.

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