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How to Build an IoT App & Its Dominance In the future?

IoT Application Development – ​​The term itself says a lot!!

However, let’s start from the beginning!!

Tell us one thing: Can you go a single day without connecting your home/office objects to the Internet via built-in devices?

We are guessing!! It’s like a freeze over of hell!

Nowadays, we are surrounded by a lot of embedded products (maybe we don’t even know that they are embedded devices). Again, when these embedded products are combined with IoT, it works like a miracle for people.

Now, for example, you don’t have to control the air conditioner manually, the temperature is adjusted as the Internet of Things is forced over it. And this is one of the main reasons why smart connected products (also known as the Internet of Things) are booming in the market all over the world.

Adding more knowledge about the same, it is stated that by 2025, we will have more connected IoT applications compared to the population of the earth. (looks interesting!)

As of now, IoT applications seem to be in all areas, from smart cities, homes, offices, showrooms, factories to agriculture.

IoT App development

To cut a long story short, IoT software development has become a legacy that different domains are taking up to increase their ROI and competition. Android/iOS IoT app development makes your embedded products smarter.

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Although we will start from the ground up by explaining the relationship between IoT and mobile applications!

Here we are!

What is the correlation between embedded devices, IoT and application development?

Many times you might have come across the question, “What is the Internet of Things? But have you ever wondered how mobile apps are connected to embedded devices and the Internet of Things?

We will give a small and understandable answer to the same.

We all know that Internet connectivity has become a key feature for most embedded devices available in homes, factories, offices, business facilities and so on. However, sometimes it is quite difficult to manage all these devices manually even though they are connected to the Internet.

And that’s where IoT applications come into play. The IoT app is a bridge between embedded devices and smartphones, so you can seamlessly manage everything from one place.

How about, for example, closing the curtains or starting cars remotely via smartphones? Yes, you can do that and much more with an IoT mobile app.

This is all about how these three concepts are related to each other. You might be wondering why you need to build an IoT application for your business or startup? Check out the stats below.

According to one of Statista’s reports, there will be more than 25.44 billion IoT-connected devices worldwide.

This is just a glimpse of the importance of IoT mobile app development, however let’s dive deeper into the benefits and importance of building an IoT app for deep analytics.

Why is IoT integration with mobile applications and embedded devices important?

Since we know that mobile app development is the word of mouth for companies and startups these days. And people keep finding something or other to make their business more productive.

Here’s how you can benefit your business by developing IoT applications.

Connectivity with IoT Enabled application

It’s possibly the best and most trendy thing for the future (it’s not that far, people have already started using IoT applications).

Embedded products are connected to IoT through various devices such as Bluetooth, Wifi, Zigbee, GPS, Thread, Sensors and so on. In this way, it becomes seamless for IoT with embedded products and integrates them into mobile applications.

Connecting the Internet of Things to applications will serve as a major asset in embedded engineering services. On the same note, always remember that you are hiring embedded engineers who have experience in various industry areas.

Simplicity and flexibility

Users want everything in a few taps on their phone. This is possible when IoT is connected with mobile app development services and embedded devices.

By scaling with IoT-enabled mobile apps, you can improve the user experience by giving users flexibility and ease of navigation.

Unlocking huge market opportunities

Developing an Internet of Things application is enough to make your business successful. Does it seem unbelievable???

But!! The past decade has seen tremendous growth and success in businesses using mobile apps. Now imagine adding IoT with applications that can do a lot of wonders for your business.

When you add IoT capabilities to your mobile apps, your sales and productivity will reach new heights in no time.

More interactive applications with easy customization

IoT-enabled apps are undoubtedly more intuitive and interactive compared to a regular app. For enterprise mobile applications, IoT technology offers a ton of personalization. So you can design the app according to your own terms.

Since you got the answer, why develop your own IoT application for your business? Therefore, it is time to dive into the process of building IoT applications.

How to build an Internet of Things application? (Key steps explained)

Software product engineering comes with many steps. Nevertheless, we have mentioned here the necessary steps for all industrial applications.

Following are the steps for IoT software development;

Decide on a platform for your IoT application

To develop IoT applications, the first and most important step is to choose a framework and platform for application development. There are several of the most proven IoT platforms to choose from,

  • HomeKit
  • Xively
  • Kaa
  • Azure IoT Suite
  • IBM Watson
  • Oracle IoT
  • Android Things
  • ThingWorx
  • Ubidots

Working on hardware decisions

There are two options at this stage of IoT application development, either you can choose hardware from the market or build your own hardware. Always keep in mind that the hardware you choose must exactly match the needs of your project.

Hardware reliability is critical to the success of connecting your IoT application and embedded product. Collaborate with your embedded engineering team to make accurate hardware selection decisions.

IoT mobile application development team structure, process and its scalability

An IoT app development team structure is essential to make your app scalable and a perfect fit for the market. We always recommend you to choose an IoT application development company that has experience in building such applications in almost every domain.

In addition, the perfect IoT mobile app development process plays a dominant role in the success of the app. Ask the company you are hiring to share the IoT application development process they will follow.

You might be wondering why we mentioned scalability in the title. We’ll give you the answer – the relevance of an IoT application depends heavily on its scalability. Once you build an app, a lot of data is generated every day and your app is also connected to various embedded devices and processes.

Your application can handle all this only if it is scalable enough. Therefore, it is advisable to reach for IoT system development services that offer and guarantee scalability.

IoT application security is at its peak

Within an IoT application, we connect so many devices, protocols, and operating systems. However, IoT ensures maximum security of the many data generated every day. This is why many organizations have come up with IoT-based applications for work and a pleasant user experience.

IoT for applications can secure code and data. Adding to that, the iot system will go through hardware encryption to resolve any redundant backlogs.

However, with every IoT application development, utmost care must be taken in security. With a large number of embedded devices connected to your application’s live network, security becomes a major concern.

After thorough research and analysis, we have come across some points to ensure the security of your IoT application.

  • Choose your hardware vendor carefully
  • Use secure networks
  • Enforcing premium application security practices
  • Prominent application platforms

Application testing and deployment

Testing the development of an Internet of Things application requires more focus compared to a regular mobile application. Both functional and non-functional testing are performed with utmost care for the IoT device.

The same is true for an IoT application development company. In order to get your app on the App Store and Google Play Store as soon as possible, it must follow strict guidelines.

What is the cost of building an IoT application?

We all know that it is quite difficult to give you an exact cost figure for IoT application development. Because the price is different for each request.

Yet, we have several accurate answers to the same. Here we have provided a complete list of factors to give you an idea of ​​the average cost of building an IoT solution.

  • IoT application development company region
  • The number of functions and their complexity
  • Hardware used
  • IoT platforms and technologies
  • IoT application developer experience
  • Third-party API integration or API development
  • IoT solution design
  • IoT wearable application development costs (if included)

In addition to those presented, many aspects increase the cost of IoT systems. It really depends on your requirements. Contact for esta

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The End Story – IoT App Development is Trending

IoT for applications is on the rise. IoT solutions fully integrate technology and make life easier for people and their business.

Next, we can say that it is high time to create an IoT application for your business. It will definitely increase the ROI and potential of your business.

We have an amazing team of IoT developers and embedded engineers who can bring the best out of your app idea. Our comprehensive product development services ensure that your needs are met.

Let’s dive into IoT application development to thrive in a dynamic market!

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