Augmented Reality Transforming Industries

How Augmented Reality Will Transform Industries In 2023?

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  • Augmented Reality for Education
  • Augmented Reality for Retail and Fashion
  • Augmented Reality for Healthcare
  • Augmented Reality for Travel and Hospitality
  • Augmented Reality for Food and Beverage
  • Augmented Reality for Automotive
  • Augmented Reality for Entertainment

Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which creates live views of physical and real-world environments, has received a lot of attention in recent years. It has had a profound impact on all areas of life with some radical and applicable experiments. Tech-savvy developers and augmented reality developers around the world are using augmented reality to innovate their ideas, and people are obsessed with it.

Augmented reality is not a new term. The first augmented reality demonstration was made by Julie Martin in 1964. But it was the iOS technology companies that brought the term to the limelight. Apple introduced ARKit and soon after Google introduced ARCore.

Augmented reality is now well established in industry. Augmented reality app developers are transforming multiple enterprise operations using AR technology’s capabilities such as real-time data viewing, device and machine control, and remote viewing.

According to a Statista report, revenue from AR mobile applications is expected to reach approximately $618.23 million worldwide by 2020.

Additionally, a TechCrunch report predicts that AR and VR technology will reach $150 billion by 2020. Efficiently and consistently.

Composed of a suite of systems, the new enterprise augmented reality provides professionals in all industries with the guidance they need to do their tasks correctly, efficiently and consistently.

Likewise, projector-based AR is leading the manufacturing sector with proven technology that yields the best results compared to other forms of AR.

With such massive experimentation, AR is gaining momentum among individuals and industries alike.

So what exactly is augmented reality?

The augmented reality technology has the power to transform your surroundings into a digital environment. This can be achieved by placing virtual objects in the real world in real time. Augmented reality content can be accessed from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Simply scan the trigger image and the subsequent actions will be created.

Augmented Reality Transforming Several Industries

Augmented Reality can be accessed from 3 types of devices

  • Mobile Devices such as Smartphones and Tablets
  • Head Mounted Displays, Glasses and Lenses
  • PCs and Connected TV Players

Augmented Reality is 3 Dimensional and Possibilities there is. An innovative and creative way to connect with your target audience. Technology is impacting every industry with its unique approach to marketing and advertising.

Augmented Reality’s Impact on Industry:

1. Augmented Reality for Education

The development of educational apps is reaching new levels of engagement with technology. Augmented reality apps in education offer amazing learning experiences with endless interesting learning opportunities. Using her 3D model created in an AR app, students can learn complex topics interactively.

Educators recognize the fact that students learn more by interacting with topics rather than breaking into concepts, and augmented reality for education takes full advantage of this.

How to Incorporate Augmented Reality into Your Teaching Methodology

Raise Awareness

Show your students how augmented reality works and see the excitement in their eyes as soon as you introduce it.

Create an app

To implement augmented reality in your classroom, you need an app. The app converts her 2D image into 3D.

Creating Auras

Simply create an aura and it will appear in your Augmented Reality mobile application.


Show students how to access the functionality of the app. Integration is very easy. just a step forward.

Augmented Reality Examples Educational App

Flashcards App

This app helps teach students the alphabet, shapes and colors. Simply point your device’s camera at the flashcard and the actual dimensions of the flashcard object will appear in front of you.

Chromeville Science

Science and Technology app helps students create their own AR content. Students have to color in on the printed page, and when the camera is pointed at the photo, the actual dimensions are shown.

Arloon Geometry

Augmented Reality Education App shows geometric shapes from different angles and unfolds their sides into flat shapes.

2. Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Augmented Reality app developers can help with everything from providing real-time data and assisting in complex surgical processes, to supporting and managing aftercare, and assisting doctors and trainees in their daily visits and sessions. is transforming the healthcare and medical sector.

The benefits of augmented reality in healthcare and wellbeing are improving the quality of care provided to patients.

How to Implement Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Veins Location

Augmented Reality allows nurses to easily locate veins with a scanner. Using her handheld scanner, she can project onto the skin and view the veins. This technology has been used in over 10 million patients.


The advent of handheld ultrasound devices ushered in the era of AR ultrasound devices. You can now perform ultrasound anywhere, anytime by simply scanning a part of your body with your mobile device.


Instead of explaining the long-term effects of drugs, you can show patients how certain drugs affect their bodies. 3D model shows the medication process within the app.


Augmented reality for healthcare redefines surgery and surgery with 3D reconstruction of organs and tumors. AR can help reduce surgery time, reduce risk, and improve outcomes.

Healthcare Augmented Reality App Development Example


The app uses a camera display to show a simulation of a patient’s vision. This app shows the effects of AMD or cataracts on a patient’s eye.


This app is designed to use augmented reality to visualize the dental problems faced by patients. The dentist can view the affected area from her 3D view in the app.

Medsights Tech

Create accurate 3D models of tumors using augmented reality software. Provides a real-time x-ray view of him without exposure to radiation.

3. Augmented Reality in Retail

Improving Customer Experience and Increasing Operational Efficiency Augmented reality app developers are transforming the retail industry. Augmented reality for retail can help enhance or personalize the in-store experience.

AR application helps you get detailed information about the products and the mapping in the store by simply pointing the smartphone camera at the product or the store.

How to Integrate Augmented Reality into Your Retail Store


You can show your customers a product listing with different features and customizations, even for products that are not available in-store. For example, you can show different color options for dresses while having one exhibit.


By integrating augmented reality into your online store, customers can determine in real time what a particular product will look like. For example, customers can simply point the camera at the floor to see if the carpet matches the color of the walls.
On print

AR-based brochures and catalogs make brochures interactive. When a customer points her camera at the printed catalog, she sees her 3D structure of the product.

Augmented Reality Retail App Example


The printed catalog serves as his AR medium, and when a customer holds a camera over the catalog, he sees a three-dimensional image of him on the furniture.

Uniqlo’s Magic Mirror

Inside the store, a unique mirror with different colors and designs is installed to reflect your outfit.


The Lowes app by Lowe provides a virtual tape that helps users make precise measurements of any area they wish to set up.

4. Automotive Augmented Reality

Automotive Augmented Reality offers the best customer experience straight out of science fiction movies. Bringing the physical world into the digital world is new, and augmented reality can help vehicle management solutions.

From design visualization to employee training, augmented reality is transforming the automotive industry.

How to Integrate Augmented Reality into the Automotive Industry

Design Assistance

The days of clay models are over and now it’s time for his 3D design. Augmented reality in automotive apps also allow you to design vehicles in different formats and share your models with other designers in real time.

Display vehicle functions

Vehicle functions can be displayed directly in the app in real time. Augmented reality for the automotive industry makes it easy to show vehicle characteristics in real-time and in three dimensions.

Virtual TestDrive

Now the customer can drive the vehicle without getting in the vehicle. Users can also look out the car window from the car’s perspective, giving customers a complete real-life experience.

Car Variants

Augmented Reality can even save space in your showroom. You can have only one car model and view all variations of the car through the app, including color combinations, exterior design, and appearance.

Example of an augmented reality app for cars

Audi A3 HK

This app shows the latest model of the Audi A3, where users can customize almost every part (color, rims, accessories, etc.).

Golf Cabriolet

app provides his 360 degree 3D view of the car. Users can also rotate cars, change colors, click on car pictures, and download brochures.

Toyota 86 AR

Users can easily drive the car in real-time through the app to take turns, learn more about features and test their driving skills.

5. Augmented Reality for the Travel Industry

‘s Augmented Reality travel app takes your travel experience to a new level. With better digital enhancements, tourists can access information about each location, directions to follow, and even translations by simply pointing their camera.

Travel App Development Augmented reality apps become the ultimate travel partner in another country among unknown faces and languages.

How to Integrate Augmented Reality for the Travel Industry

Virtual Hotel Rooms

Augmented reality apps for travel and tourism provide virtual tours of hotels and rooms. You can see hotel room amenities, room type and location from the travel augmented reality app.

Access to Information

Like a guide, this app will help you access all the information about any place, monument or area. When the user points the camera at a monument, the app says everything related to it.

Real-Time Navigation

Want to explore the city but worry about directions? Augmented reality allows you to get navigation using digital elements such as arrows and helpful information. Enter your destination and follow your smartphone’s camera.

Easy translation

Translation just got easier and more effective with augmented reality. Instead of typing words into Google Translate, simply point your camera at printed brochures, menus, or even signs to see their translations.

Example of Augmented Reality Travel App Development


This app works in the world. If you select your world, all places related to your world will be displayed on the screen. For example; if you select Irish Pub World, you will see all Irish pubs along the way.

Etips City Guides

This app provides a GPS enabled mobile screen with camera view to all nearby hotspots. The app covers nearly 131 cities around the world and is growing rapidly. All content is available online, even without an internet connection.


This is a restaurant recommendation app that shows all restaurants, cafes and eateries in camera view. Accompanying the data are restaurant user ratings, Twitter profiles, and Facebook profiles.

6. Augmented Reality for Food and Beverage

Augmented Reality for Food and Beverage introduces a new approach to engaging customers, promoting products and empowering brands. Restaurants, coffee shops, grocery chains, and even food manufacturers are using augmented reality for their customers.

How Augmented Reality Is Used in the Food and Beverage Industry

Product Information

Customers can scan a product with a camera and all information about this product, including the actual packaging date, will be displayed on the screen.

Recipes and 3D Menus

A simple camera hover reveals the recipe for the dish you’re about to eat. Customers can also scan the menu and see a 3D image of her cooking on the screen so they can see exactly what’s in the dish.

Product Promotion

Interactive 3D brochures are a great way to promote your products and brands. Offer interactive promotional games to your customers while they prepare their orders in the kitchen.

Best Augmented Reality App for Food and Drink


This app provides realistic 3D models of restaurant menus. Instead of a menu card, the staff gives customers a tab to scan their plate and from there the menu is displayed on the screen. Users can see what the dish and its ingredients look like in a 3D view.


The Yeppar app helps you decide what to eat by providing meal calorie counts, menu options and 3D menu cards.

7. Augmented Reality for the Entertainment Industry

Augmented reality has the power to take the entertainment industry to a new level. With new perceptions of movies, games and advertising, augmented reality makes entertainment more exciting. People love to see their favorite characters come to life.

Augmented Reality for Entertainment


Augmented Reality app developers have completely changed the gaming industry. With closer interaction with reality, augmented reality games have captured the hearts of gamers and are growing rapidly.

Music Videos

Augmented reality has the power of artists performing their favorite categories right in front of you when viewed on your smartphone. Even lyrical videos can be displayed as text floating in the environment.


For film, media and television advertising campaigns. Augmented reality brings a new perspective to marketing. Marketing just got a whole lot easier with interactive brochures and live video.

Real Life Instances of Augmented Reality App For the Entertainment Industry

Dance Reality
The Dance Reality app is used to learn dance with interactive step-by-step guides. All you have to do is put your feet on the springboard and follow.


This augmented reality game needs no introduction. We are all aware of augmented environments that allow us to catch Pokemon in real time.


The mobile app provides AR GIFs and stickers in a 3D world. User can create stickers and GIF videos of her and share them with her friends.

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