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Why & How To Build An App For My Business in 2022?

“Create an app for my business” is one of the most searched terms on Google this year.

Let’s see how these words like make an app for my business, mobile apps, android and iphone apps and so on got into people’s minds!

So the wheel of time continues from age to age. And here it reached the era of digitalization!

Until then, most businesses resorted to social media platforms for lead generation and productivity.

However, now the rush to create a mobile app is at its peak as none of the businesses can rely on social media alone to achieve the expected ROI.

Mobile App Development

To give you a clearer picture, the number of mobile users in 2022 reached 7.26 billion worldwide. And the average time a user spends browsing various purchases, playing games, on-demand apps and more is 272 minutes per day!

Be it any business from restaurant to grocery store, taxi service to transporter, beauty salon to errand service, real estate to home delivery service and so on. Every single type of small or large business needs a mobile app to reach their customers.

And that’s the only reason why we came up with this article – why are mobile apps important for business and how can you create an app for your business?

If you are one who is confused about choosing app development for your business, then this article is for you.

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Why should I create an app for my business? – The answer you need to know

Is this a question that worries you? Allow us to guide you through this.

After dealing with some of our clients and doing thorough research, we came up with these top 5 reasons that state the importance of business application development.

build an app for my business

Here we are!!

Generating new leads and sales

Creating an app for your business will allow you to increase sales as your mobile app is visible to more users in your target regions.

Let us share the story with you for better understanding. One of our clients came to us with a request to create an eCommerce website for his business. By monitoring user response to the website, the founders decided to target mobile users through app development.

You won’t believe, today around 75% of their total revenue comes from the mobile app.

Not just one, there are many such examples around you that show the benefits that your business gets thanks to a mobile application. Design an app for your business to get more sales and new customers from all over the world!

Boost Brand Image

Every startup comes with the desire to build a brand for their services. And the fact is that this can be easily achieved by developing a mobile app for your business.

In short, the more value you offer your customers, the more they will be interested in your brand.

As we said earlier, with the increasing use of mobile devices, app owners can easily take advantage of this to grow their brand value.

Additionally, you can use data collected from your mobile app to understand customer requirements and behavior.

In short, you can reap a lot of benefits with a single mobile app for business.

Cut Off Operational Costs

Many people have come to us asking how building an app for my business reduces operating costs? Creating a mobile app for businesses will save the company a huge chunk of money by reducing the cost spent on various paperwork and employees.

Let us give you a simple and short answer with an amazing example.

One of the client’s companies has more than six thousand employees. With such a huge staff, it was sometimes quite difficult to manage day-to-day operations and stay on top of things. Daily records were mentioned on the paper.

By creating apps, he saved around $11,000 a year, as well as the productive hours of 900 employees.

Here are some of his words;

“When I decided to build an app for my business I was a bit unsure about this decision. But today I can confidently say that developing an app for business is one of the most beneficial things to conceive in today’s time. All you need to care about is choosing a perfect mobile app development company”

A direct and personalized marketing channel

Here’s another strong reason why you need a direct and personalized marketing channel to create an app for your business. Whether small or big, every business needs to market.

When you create your own mobile app marketing the app comes into play. You will have direct access to your customers through the mobile application. In fact, the data collected from user sessions and their behavior can act as a very good point for your marketing.

Some of the ways that make it easier for you to market your business are

Push Notifications: When it comes to smartphones, you can’t deny the power of push notifications. A well-known article mentioned that the open rate of push notifications is 70% higher compared to email marketing – which is only 5%.

Click-through rates – In-app: CTAs, ads or other similar elements that are related to the business will have more opportunities for click-through rates through the mobile app.

Response Time: Most people always intend to be swayed by the offers that prompt them on their mobile phones. You can expect the highest response time with a mobile app.

App Store – the new way to make money

Still thinking about creating an app for your business or not? Here is another strong point to clear your doubts.

App Stores are actually a lucrative way to earn more money. When you create a mobile app and launch it in the app store – you actually create new ways to make money.

You can get users to try the free version of your premium app first, and later ask them to pay subscription fees if they want to continue. Always remember that converting free trials will get you more customers and sales to your business.

For example, they have gained over 172 million monthly active users using a subscription model. Spotify converted 27% of its users through free trials.

Second, once your mobile app is popular enough, you can allow other brands to run their ads on your platform and generate revenue from it.

Third, you can even ask to be paid to download the app. However, you will only appreciate this when you already have huge brand equity.

To conclude, mobile app development will help you increase your income by several lucrative figures.

So these were the main reasons why you need to get an app for your business. We hope you are now clear about your thoughts on creating an app for your business.

Let’s go to the next stage!

How to create a mobile app for your business?

I want to create an app for my business, but how do I get started or what is the best app development platform?

Another question we’ve been asked a lot.

Here is a quick but understandable answer to the same.

Basically, the entire mobile app development process is divided into three parts – research, development and launch.

We will explain each of them in turn. Let’s start with the first phase!

How to Create an App – Getting Started!

In the research phase, there are 4 main questions to answer in order to move smoothly towards building your app. In short, these questions will give you a careful overview to start your app development.

What is the best way to get a business app?

In our opinion, there are two best ways to build an app. Firstly to develop the app from scratch and secondly to opt for cloned app development.

In both cases, we would advise you one thing in common – at the initial stage, developing an MVP for your business is the wisest choice. Create an MVP app and see how your users react. Later, update the app whenever needed.

Pro Tip:

Need more information about MVP app development? We have an expert team waiting to serve your needs.

Let’s Talk To Build Your App

What is the best mobile app development platform for business?

The two basic platforms for mobile app development are – Android and iOS.

Before choosing a platform to build your app, do an in-depth analysis of your target audience. See what types of smartphones are used more.

best platform to develop a app
best platform to develop a app?

However, it is advisable to create an app for both Android and iOS.

Because you can target a larger number of users with it. Also note that the instructions for uploading a mobile app to the Google Play Store and the App Store are different. Therefore, consider this before proceeding with the launch.

To create a business app, you can opt for native app development or hybrid app development based on your requirement.

How much does it cost to create an app for my business?

It is difficult to tell you the exact cost of developing an app. Because each application comes with different requirements. Although a few key factors that will help you with your app development budget are:

  • Your company’s mobile app development area
  • Its basic characteristics
  • Application complexity
  • API integration
  • Application development platforms
  • Technical skills

How long does it take to create an app for my business?

Many of us believe that the app development process is time-consuming, but this is not always true. The time required to create an application depends on the determination of actors.

First of all, it is the type of your application. As the number of features increases, so does the time required to create an application.

To cut it short, only the app development company you hire can give you the exact time to develop your app.

You can check our blog – How long does it take to create an app? It contains every little detail about the time invested in creating the app.

These four questions guide you to the answer to how to get an app for your business. It’s time to enter the second level of creating an application.

The mobile app development phase – the heart of your business

Yes, we call it the most important stage of app creation. The mobile application development process mainly includes 5 basic steps that must be followed. Here we have shared a quick look at these stages as well as an article that gives you detailed information about them.

mobile app development stage

Let’s first go to the stages of mobile application development.

Conceptualize: Do a competitive analysis and create a business model for your app and get clear about how your app works at this stage of app development.

Interact: Your application requirements are analyzed by the project manager, application developers and BA team to start developing your application.

UI/UX Design: App design plays a key role in providing an amazing user experience. Here, your app idea is brought to life by UI/UX designers. They will create wireframes, prototypes and the final design of applications.

Actual Application Development: In this phase, the frontend and backend of your application are created. In addition, the necessary APIs are integrated into your application.

App Testing: This is where functional and non-functional testing of your app is done to ensure your app is bug-free and ready to launch.

Finally, your words – Build app for my business have come true. You know exactly how to build an app, but what about after it’s developed. That is the end?

Wait, the climax is yet to come!!

App marketing strategy – before and after app launch

Good! You are done developing your business application.

Now is the time to put your business app into action with the perfect marketing strategy. App marketing is dominant to get user attention.

mobile app marketing strategy
mobile app marketing strategy

You can have your own app marketing team or hire an app marketing company.

Moreover, let us share with you a few steps that you must follow for your app launch.

Schedule your app launch date close to all events so your app gets noticed easily.

Perform ASO (App Store Optimization) to improve your app’s ranking in the App Store.

Promote your app on social media to make it recognizable to users.

Start blogging about your business on different websites to increase sales and traffic.

You can use content to build tremendous trust with your users.

Harness the power of new kinds of app marketing platforms like AppsHive, which lists your app for free by category, location, and occupation. You can get thousands of new users for your newly developed app.

What are the tips you should know before developing an app in 2022?

So everything about how to create an app for my business is clear to you. Although before the end of this article, we are here to share some key tips that you should be aware of before creating an app.

  • Don’t hire a cheap app development company. It only leads you to waste time and money. It is essential to hire an experienced app development company that has expertise in various industry areas.
  • Never compromise on the UI/UX design of your mobile app. As we said before, it is important to keep the audience in the app.
  • Always discuss the application development team structure that will be followed for your project.
  • Make sure you are clear about app revenue and business model.
  • Keep updating your app at frequent intervals to increase customer loyalty.

Is It Necessary To Build An App For My Business? – The End

The app is just the missing link to increase your company’s productivity. If you are looking for an answer to the question should I create an app for my business – our answer is a definite yes!

Creating a mobile app will only bring a lot of benefits to your business in many ways. Not only that, it even enables your business to survive unfortunate situations like deadly pandemics,

We are an experienced mobile app development company with expertise in various industries to help you more. You can take a look at our portfolio page to know the type of project we have come across. In addition, if you have any questions, please contact our experts!

Let’s Create Your App Together!!

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