NFT and Digital Art

How Are NFTs Transforming the Digital Art World?

You may have heard of EDM 3LAU producer and pop star Grimes who sells NFT art for millions of dollars. In October 2020, Christie’s New York, an art auction house, made history by selling Idea Pictures: Block 21, the first NFT-linked art work, for $ 130,000. Another NFT art project – Beeple – is currently digital, on sale, with a current bid of 13.25 million dollars.

NFTs and Digital Art

So, what about the NFTs? How does it advise artists? Is it a new crypto currency? And how does it change the world of art?

Let’s find out.

A Quick Dive into NFTs

Before we get into the impact of NFTs in the art world, let’s take a quick look at what NFTs are and how they work. Non-sworn tokens (or NFTs) are built into blockchain technology and provide a secure record of activities, such as tangible assets, such as Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.
However, depreciable assets can be replaced by another similar entity of the same value, such as a dollar bill. You can multiply them (2 BTC), divide them (0.5 BTC). In contrast, moldless tokens are different. They are associated with goods and things and are not subject to change or repetition. This makes them unique, consistent, and comparable.

How Are NFTs Fueling the Digital Art Boom?

Art collection goes back a long way and can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, India, China, and Babylonia. Over the years, the way people buy, collect, and store art has changed.
As we live in the digital age, the demand for digital art is increasing. But the problems with digital graphics are real and unique. You create a digital artwork and share it online. People can download and share it easily.

NFTs make digital artwork more like physical. They are transforming digital art into real world assets. Since NFTs live in the blockchain, it is impossible for anyone to completely repeat a work of art tied to it. This gives digital artists a way to make money through their artwork, remain realistic, and avoid problems such as crime and duplication.

And recent auction sales have seen NFT artwork cost millions, meaning people want to collect it. Reasons to purchase NFT digital artwork may vary. You can buy it because you like it, or you can buy it as an investment.

From an artist’s point of view, NFT provides an excellent way to communicate with your collectors. Nor does it mean that NFT makes artists rich.

The Future of NFTs

Digital art is temporary, but what’s next. However, NFTs can open the doors to something more than just financial ownership. Artists can design a unique digital experience for collectors. All websites and mobile applications can be customized by token owners. There is really no limit to what can be done with Non-Fungible Tokens.

Our Work

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Final thoughts

NFT is changing the nature of digital art, and it is just the beginning. As virtual reality platforms such as video games grow, the demand for NFT works, both for collection and investment purposes, will continue to grow.

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