AWS Microservices Solutions

AWS Microservices Solutions

Microservices, is a service oriented architecture. A way of building software applications which are broken down into smaller, independent and composable service units which function together to deliver the overall functionality of the application.
Move towards microservices framework, which make applications robust and least expensive e.g. Clusters to manage multi micro service nodes for instance.
Xekera is available to help you to build out a microservices architected application on the AWS cloud.

Advantages of Microservices

  • Faster to Deploy – microservices enable the deployment of individual application components without affecting other services.
  • Simpler to Understand – it is easier for engineers to follow microservices code, as the code of the component is isolated and has fewer dependencies on overall application.
  • Developer Independence – Comparatively smaller team working on a single application component can iterate faster than a large team working on a monolithic app.
  • Scalability – if a particular component of the application is more in demand than other components, it can be scaled independently.
  • Tech Stack – Minimized Risk – given the flexibility over language and platform selection, microservices help businesses avoid technology vendor or language issues

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