Top 9 Benefits of Digital Marketing – A Complete Guide

Marketing has been around since humans learned how to trade. Marketing is about connecting with your audience at the right place at the right time. This means that with the advent of the internet, you can easily connect with your audience online through digital marketing. But what exactly are the benefits of digital marketing? This article discusses the benefits of digital marketing. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing includes all marketing activities that use the Internet. This includes digital channels such as search engines, […]

Best Tips on How to Start a Crowdfunding Website in 2022

Did you know that in North America alone, $17.2 billion is raised annually through crowdfunding websites/platforms? It will reach $300 billion by 2030. Additionally, crowdfunding has become the primary source for many startups and entrepreneurs to find pre-seed and seed capital. Whether you’re a small startup or a lone hustler, fundraising for your initiative is a top priority. Entrepreneurs often visit top crowdfunding websites and platforms to raise funds. But “Is starting a crowdfunding platform a profitable idea?” And […]

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