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Microsoft Azure Consulting

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Why Azure?

Microsoft Azure Cloud is trusted by 90% of Fortune 500 businesses. Of all the cloud service providers, Azure provides the most robust compliance coverage.


Virtual Machines, Storage, Databases, Backup, Azure Active Directory, Analytics, and more are among the 100+ resources available in Azure Cloud.


Switching to Azure saves about $12 million a year, according to Forrester Consulting.

Our Azure Cloud Offerings

Server Data Backups

You can secure your data and business applications with Azure backup solutions to prevent expensive business interruptions and meet regulatory requirements.

You can also use the cloud to safely expand your on-premises backup storage and data archiving solutions, lowering costs and increasing reliability and scalability.

Development Services

  • Instant Prototypes for Azure POCs 
  • Node.js, ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Oracle, Linux, MySQL, and Python are all used to create custom web applications.
  • Managing the flow of traffic and defining the instances
  • Cloud applications for Azure Marketplace that are tailored to your needs
  • Web apps that can be customized to work with other applications

Disaster Site Recovery

Even a small outage will place you behind your competitors. Our Azure Consultants will use Azure Disaster Site Recovery to provide you with a business continuity plan that covers all of your major IT systems without the cost of additional infrastructure and with excellent customer support.

Re-Architecting Services

  • Using Azure, re-architect legacy apps to become cloud-native apps.
  • On-premises applications can be moved to Azure infrastructure.
  • Improve the reliability and productivity of existing cloud applications.

Data Center Migration

Our Azure experts will assist you in planning and migrating your entire data center to the Azure Cloud infrastructure, allowing you to control everything from a single Web page. You won’t have to worry about other hardware update or a power outage caused by a hurricane; you’ll only be charged for what you use and when you use it.

Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications

  • Azure consulting services for the development and deployment of SaaS applications
  • Enablement of a multi-tenant architecture
  • Native and hybrid smartphone applications with third-party integration

How Will Moving to Azure Cloud Benefit Your Business?

1.Month-to-Month Contract basis with no upfront costs

2.On the fly, add, remove, and scale up or down your resources

3.Only you and your trusted ones can access your Data Center from a single web page.

4.Use the Azure Cloud, which is trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies and has a 99% uptime guarantee from Microsoft.

5.For Windows Server and SQL Server, Azure Cloud is 5 times less expensive than AWS.

Our 4 Step Process

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How Much Does Azure Cost To You?

Microsoft Azure Licensing Price *

Setup has 2 options: Licensing | Consultancy

Each service’s starting price is an estimate. The cost of a service is determined by its server size, network utilization, storage, and high availability requirements.

Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

For up to three servers, Basic Assessment + Project Execution + Admin Training starts at USD 1,000/– flat.

At an additional fee, additional data migration services are also available.


We’ve been developing high-performance, feature-rich web, data center, mobile, and software solutions for all major platforms, including Microsoft Tools and Cloud solutions, for more than a decade. As a software development specialist, Xekera can develop a solution that meets the company and market needs by integrating technological expertise with ease-of-use and intuitiveness to scale MS products to small and large businesses.


  • Customer Obsessed
  • Differentiated Value Proposition
  • Alignment with Microsoft
  • Leverage the Ecosystem
  • Culture Alignment


Regardless of the platform, we build world-class solutions. Our Agile Scrum methodology approach has been proven to build highly scalable interaction models that provide a thorough review of the business needs and priorities to ensure a cost-effective and reliable final solution.


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